Chasing Star

Mona Louie


Current US resident Miss Festival of Hong Kong Mona Louie has frequented Vancouver for different events during the past years. Her legendary past fascinated Leisure Talk host William Ho who recently sat down with her for an interview. After capturing the title of Miss Festival of Hong Kong, she participate in several variety shows, endorsed for cosmetics and tobacco brands, and represented Hong Kong to attend gala dinners held in foreign countries. Mona later decided to further her studies aboard to widen her horizon. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with a rare disease and her case was considered extremely special by Stanford University Medical Center where she receives treatment. Although there is no cure for her illness yet, Mona never gives up on her precious life and is actively involved in charity works to help those in need. Mona’s kindness and courage definitely earn her respect and admiration from everyone.

Stephen Chang


Raised in Hong Kong, action star Stephen Chang has participated in countless movies. Among all characters, the Viet Cong commander in First Blood and the tender father in Double Happiness both left a lasting impression on the audience. Stephen recently sat down with William Ho and recalled the most vivid memories from his acting career. He also re-enacted some of his iconic movie scenes during the interview, showcasing his outstanding acting skills.

Ewan Mac, Wai Sun Cheng & Colin Cheng


Competed in New Talent Singing Awards 17 years ago, musician Ewan Mac now chooses to work behind the camera as a film producer and has selected Vancouver as the filming location for his latest film The Hit. Ewan along with director of photography, Wai Sun Cheng, and main character, Colin Cheng, recently guested on Leisure Talk to share their interesting filming experience and revealed the secret to capturing the exciting action scene in a dark industrial setting. Colin, who used to be a martial arts athlete, was thrilled to work with experienced actor Andy On. For more behind-the-scenes account of their shooting, make sure to stay tuned for their interview on Leisure Talk.

Lokyi Lai & Jack Wu


In the midst of their busy schedules during the short stay in Vancouver, special performing guest and MC of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2018, Lokyi Lai and Jack Wu, guested on Leisure Talk and What’s On to update their recent and future works with local viewers. During the interviews, Lokyi was thrilled to share his experience taking care of his lovely son and his passion for cooking. A plan to host a cooking TV program next year might bring him back to Canada again. Jack Wu revealed that one of his most unforgettable moments since his debut was the naked running scene in The Stunt. In addition, his new drama Justice Bao: The First Year will be aired next year. Make sure to stay tuned to these upcoming new TV shows!

Wu Jianpei


Graduated from the Department of Composition at Wuhan Conservatory of Music, accomplished music producer and film score composer Wu Jianpei used to be an assistant to executive producer and recording director. Wu recently visited Vancouver for a vacation and guested on Leisure Talk to share the challenges he faced when composing music for films. He expressed that it was hard to compose a film score that could tell the stories and trigger audience’s emotions. During the interview, he also talked about the difficulty of releasing a soundtrack album as out of many soundtracks he and his team have composed for a film, only a few can be adopted for the albums.

Alannah Ong


Versatile artiste Alannah Ong is an outstanding actress and novel writer. Her vivid performance in A Kind Spirit was highly acclaimed by the public and she has also cultivated numerous excellent actors. Alannah recently visited Vancouver to perform her new play, The Ones We Leave Behind, and guested on Leisure Talk to share her experience of studying aboard as well as joining the military in Ottawa where she participated in tough and strict military trainings. During the interview, Alannah also introduced her new book, wishing to inspire teenagers to bravely embrace the messiness in life and move forward. Her new book will be released very soon so make sure to stay tuned!

Anders Nelsson


Fluent in Cantonese, renowned Swedish musician, film score composer, and actor Anders Nelsson was born in America and raised in Hong Kong. Anders found great interest in music since childhood and forming his own band would be the most natural move when he grew up. Anders actually doesn’t like recording in the studio but loves performing on stage and interacting with audiences. Apart from live performances, he also enjoys working behind the camera as a songwriter. He wrote the English lyrics for Leslie Cheung’s For Your Heart Only, which sadly was not able to be revealed to Leslie. Anders was almost in tears when he sang this song in the show.

David Lam


Notable film director, producer, and actor, David Lam, graduated from TVB’s 1st Acting Class and has participated in numerous TV dramas and films since then, including The Secret, Night Train, Gigolo and Whore, ICAC Investigators miniseries, Women Prison, Hong Kong Gigolo, and his latest work L Storm, which tells stories happening in The Independent Commission Against Corruption of Hong Kong and has received many positive reviews from the public. David recently visited Vancouver and guested on Leisure Talk to share some behind-the-scenes from L Storm and why a decision to become a film director.

Byron Cheung


With abundant performance experience representing Fairchild TV at different occasions. first runner-up of 2012 New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition, Byron Cheung competed at EEG Singing Contest Final in Hong Kong in 2015 and captured the championship. Byron later signed a contract with EEG to chase his dream. During a music tour with a Hong Kong religious organization in Canada, Byron returned to Fairchild TV and guested on Leisure Talk to share his thoughts and goal of lyrics composition as well as his collaboration with Sherman Chung in her new song “R U Naughty?”. Stay tuned to Leisure Talk for the music video of this newly released number!

Denis Ng


Immigrated to Canada at a young age, singer-songwriter Denis Ng joined the Hong Kong music industry after graduation. Since debut, Denis has released 7 albums and hosted television and radio programs. Later, he also stepped into the mainland Chinese and Malaysian music markets to promote Cantonese music. This year, Denis decided to return to Vancouver and continues his career in the hospitality industry. He recently sat down with Leisure Talk Mary Lo to share his wonderful music journey and latest update. Although Denis focuses more on his new career now, he never forgets his fans and will continue to release new works as a way of communication.