Chasing Star

Louisa Mak


Subsequent to winning the Championship at Miss Hong Kong 2015, Louisa Mak joined the TVB family and started her career as an artiste. Other than participating in dramas, she has also hosted variety shows. Among all, her performance in Young and Restless has by far received the most recognition. As one of the hosts of the program’s Canadian version, Louisa flew to Vancouver with the crew for filming. William Ho definitely wouldn’t miss the opportunity to invite her onto Leisure Talk! After a few days of interactions, Louisa was amazed by the open-mindedness and enthusiasm of our local young idols. Many people question why Louisa, an elite law graduate from Cambridge, chose to enter the entertainment industry. She explained that joining the Miss Hong Kong Pageant at the start provided her with more options to venture out. Just earlier last year, Louisa had the opportunity to make a reality TV show, I go to School by Bike, when she cycled a 2,500 kilometre long journey to raise funds for the expansion of a Cambodian school. Please tune in to find out what challenges Louisa had to face on this expedition.

Ho Ming Luk


Participating at the Vancouver version of Young and Restless, a recent collaboration between TVB and FTV, Hong Kong artiste Ho Ming Luk, received a “warm welcome” from the Vancouver airport customs as he was invited into an office for an interview. In the midst of the chaos, one Chinese officer recognized the familiar face and happily conversed with him. This tiny hiccup definitely became a memorable story for “Luk Ho”’s Canadian trip. Although schedules were packed to the rim, he took time to guest on Leisure Talk after the shooting to share the difference between young idols in Vancouver and Hong Kong and his experience in the entertainment industry. For the many years in this business, he has been a radio DJ and various TV show hosts. Amongst all the artistes, he admires and respects Carol Cheng and Liza Wang for their devotion at their job and their willingness to help newcomers. Their work ethnics set a good example for everyone in the industry.

Nick Ip


Former ATV senior executive Nick Ip became a household name when the company was struck by serious financial distress. Presently, he is the Director of Creation TV owned by The Media Evangelism Limited. Nick made an appearance on Leisure Talk to update the audience of his life after retiring from his post at ATV. Since he was known as the father of Miss Asia, Nick shared his most memorable Miss Asia Pageant moments and the hardships during ATV’s difficult times. Shortly after, Nick and one of ATV’s administrative members Jeff Tung released a book to reflect on their crisis management experience. He expressed that the operating models between a religious TV channel and a commercial television station are very different. He hopes that his experience can bring something new to the table and will subsequently expand their audience base and attract more talented individuals to contribute to high quality content.

Vinci Wong


Subsequent to university graduation, Vinci Wong returned to Hong Kong and dived into the entertainment industry, business sector and charitable functions. The 2016 Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant MC paid a visit to Fairchild TV to meet up with friends here. Just last year, Vinci led a team from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals to Vancouver and was interviewed by Leisure Talk along with 4 elite students. This year, Vinci laughingly expressed that he felt so much at ease after retiring from his post as the Chairman of the Group. Other than making a cameo appearance on the show Alice in Heart-to-Heart Kitchen when he gave his long time friend Alice Chan a tour of the farmers markets in Vancouver, Vinci also went on a trip to Yellowknife with 60 of his family and friends to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. He even hired a professional photographer to get snapshots of those memorable moments. It is never a simple task to be a tour guide but thankfully the trip went smoothly.

Raymond Wong


Raymond Wong was once an actor, screenwriter, and producer before he became the owner of a movie company. He is dedicated to promoting the Chinese films and continues to produce new classics for audience. Raymond recently came to Vancouver and gave his local fans a glimpse of his past on Leisure Talk and What’s On. Other than the establishment of his company Cinema City Company Limited, he reminisced on some of his popular movies including Aces Go Places, Happy Ghost and A Better Tomorrow. Furthermore, Raymond shared some challenges of remaking the movie Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing into a musical. Aside from work, he also revealed emotional hardships of battling cancer with his wife.

Candy Wong


A familiar face that TV fanatics will definitely recognize, Candy Wong debuted in the entertainment industry in 1988. Having been assigned multiple dramatic roles, she was able to leave a lasting impression in TV viewers’ mind. Candy ended her service at TVB after more than 20 years to sign with Hong Kong Television Network Ltd. She later immigrated to Toronto and is now enjoying quality time with family. A recent trip to Vancouver brought her to the Fairchild studio and share with Chinese Canadians her recent endeavours and the long time journey in the acting industry. Candy studied at The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts for a year before becoming a high school teacher. She soon realized that she had a love for acting and decided to participate in a TVB competition where her dream started to come true. Candy has now retired from her on-screen life and shifted her life focus to her family.

Alice Chan


The acting and cooking goddess Alice Chan was previously invited by Fairchild TV to host a culinary extravaganza, Alice’s Royal Feast and shoot a special program Alice in Heart-to-Heart Kitchen in Vancouver. While catching up with her good friends in the program, Alice also blessed her Canadian fans by appearing on Leisure Talk and What’s On to review her career life in the entertainment industry. She embarked on her performing journey after winning the Miss Asia Beauty Pageant. 4 years after her retirement from the acting business, she joined the TVB family in 2012 and immediately landed multiple powerful female roles. Alice laughingly stated that her acting roles’ contradict with her real timid self. It always took her a long time to fully grasp onto the character’s personality and express it on camera. Her recent challenging portrayal of Princess Taiping was countless audience’s favourites. Alice expressed much gratitude towards her viewers for their overwhelming great feedback. Furthermore, she shared some funny behind the scene moments whilst shooting Alice in Heart-to-Heart Kitchen and some stories during the filming process of her drama Anita Mui Fei. To find out more, please stay tuned to the broadcasting dates!

Karl Maka, So Chun Mui & Clifton Ko


A musical tribute to the distinguished Cantonese opera legend Hong Xiannu had brought two outstanding actors Karl Maka and So Chun Mui and renowned director Clifton Ko to Canada. Even though schedules were booked to the rim, they still took time to guest on Leisure Talk and What’s On to share recent endeavours and thoughts on their upcoming local performance. With a comprehensive portfolio as a director, actor, screenwriter and producer in countless productions, Karl took on a role in a musical this time. All his fans looked forward to this eye-opening performance! Having practiced under the guidance of Master Hong Xiannu, the female lead So Chun Mui impersonated her mentor with much excitement and pressure. The more recent projects Director Clifton Ko has been working on revolve around celebrating famous performers including this Hong Xiannu musical, Coquettish Diva, and Anita Mui’s commemorative movie earlier this year. In additional, these three guests had also expressed their views on the differences among musicals, biographies and movies productions. Please stay tuned!

Xiaoou Zhou


Zero Band’s lead singer, Xiaoou Zhou, was once China’s most recognized rock band vocalist with an extremely hit song “Love Me Or Not” in the 70’s and 80’s. In the past 10 years, Xiaoou placed his music career aside and focused more on acting. City Chat took this rare opportunity to talk to this entertainment industry legend. After leaving the band, he started to build upon his acting career but Xiaoou disclosed that he first began this entertainment journey with no experience. After practicing and learning from his peers, he eventually discovered the charm and challenging aspects in grasping the uniqueness in each character portrayal. Xiaoou laughingly stated that he wishes to play a tomb raider. In 2013, he competed in I Am a Singer which reminded him of his passion for music and brought back a lot of memories for his fans. At the same time, he also revealed that he would be releasing new music in 2019 and told his long awaited fans to stay tuned!

Sandy Yu


Known as the idea master in the television industry, Sandy Yu was screenwriter of many hit TV variety shows like Enjoy Yourself Tonight and Jade Solid Gold during flourishing era at TVB. In 2012, she returned to the TVB family and took on the role of Controller (Non-Drama) Production Division and in two years’ time, was promoted to Assistant General Manager of Non-Drama Production. Sandy is now devoted into new media, trying to create novel concepts to generate new markets. A few years ago, TVB collaborated with Fairchild TV and successfully scouted some potential new talents from Project Boyz Power. This year, Sandy revisited the place as one of the judges of Sunshine Nation. Leisure Talk took the opportunity to find out the objective of the whole trip and the challenges in establishing new media. Two years ago TVB started to produce Young and Restless, now becoming an audience’s favourite. In order to further expand the program format, Sandy flew all the way to Vancouver to recruit young individuals to participate in the Vancouver version. She hoped to find some good gems from Sunshine Nation and the FTV family of program hosts. Sandy always believes that young people raised in Vancouver carry a unique charm and innocence. On the other hand, Sandy gave her best efforts in modernizing TVB’s image by releasing Big Big Channel in 2017, followed by the introduction of Big Big Shop last year. What kind of road blocks did Sandy and her dream team run into during this reformation and how did they face these hurdles? Please stay tuned to September 4th’s Leisure Talk!