Chasing Star

Linda Chung


After capturing the titles of Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International, Linda Chung was offered the opportunity to pursue an acting career at TVB in Hong Kong. Having gone through years of fame in the entertainment industry, she is now a wife and mother of two adorable kids. With her family as her first priority, Linda surprised her fans earlier with the news of her return to the music scene. A couple of months later, Linda finally released her latest single “Mommy I Love You So” which depicts her unconditional love for her daughter. Prior to her promotional trip to Hong Kong, Linda especially spared time to visit Fairchild TV to chat with Leisure Talk and What’s On on her new project. The inspiration of her song arose while she was putting her daughter to sleep and watching her go into deep slumber. Linda always aspires to song writing and it was another perfect opportunity to do so. Other than composing the song and writing the English lyrics, she also took the role as a producer to add a personal touch to the video which means a lot to the whole family. Please stay tuned for the upcoming Leisure Talk on Friday to learn more about Linda’s views on her family and recent endeavours!

Michelle Lo


Earlier this year Fairchild TV host William Ho coincidentally ran into the infamous multi-media star Michelle Loo during his vacation in Hong Kong. She promised William an interview in Leisure Talk if she ever travelled to Vancouver in the near future. Soon enough, a few months after, Michelle came to visit her relatives and fulfilled her promise with a bonus appearance in City Chat and What’s On as well to share with the Canadian audience her views towards traditional Hong Kong media industry and foodie experiences. Technological advancements are diminishing the popularity of traditional media. However, Michelle is still optimistic about the future of media as she observes that a show will have its own followers as long as it has a niche. On the other hand, Michelle values eating experience as one of her top priorities. Her upcoming food program “Own Sweet Home” will be airing on Fairchild TV on June 14th. Food lovers should definitely not miss out!

Johnny Siu


Multiple award winning playwright, actor and acting instructor Johnny Siu recently introduced his critically acclaimed work “Room” to Canadian audience. In spite of his tight schedule, Johnny was able to squeeze in a Leisure Talk interview to share his experiences in his field of expertise. At the start, he participated in a stage play competition with some drama enthusiasts only for fun. It was his high school teacher who later motivated him and sparked his interest in play-writing. Johnny grew up to be a Chinese teacher but still continued to write plays during his free time. However, as time gone by, Johnny felt very strongly his true passion for stage drama and decided to shift his teaching career from Chinese to acting. Having an extremely busy timetable prompts him to always juggle among collaborations with several acting troupes. Johnny observed that it takes time to manage different working styles. But he thoroughly enjoys the process as it is a way for him to acquire new skills and create a final product from a unique perspective.

Yuen Wah


Originated from Hong Kong, Kung Fu movies have now been globally recognized. Not only Chinese audience but also westerners are greatly impressed by the countless realistic fighting scenes with a blend of comedic elements. A member of the extremely popular group “Seven Little Fortunes” in the Hong Kong film industry, Yuen Wah is himself an outstanding acrobat. He acted as Bruce Lee’s personal stunt double and was deemed one of the best martial arts actors in Kung Fu movies. His efforts paid off after winning “Best Supporting Actor” in 2005 from his exceptional performance in “Kung Fu Hustle”. Yuen Wah has participated in numerous movies and played memorable roles, hence leaving a lasting impression on his Canadian fans growing up. Leisure Talk was able to invite him to enlighten his Vancouver fans about his 50 years of martial arts experiences. In addition, Yuen Wah also revealed the unforgettable memories working with Bruce Lee and Stephen Chow while reminiscing the blood, sweat and tears in martial arts training and his fraternal love with his “Seven Little Fortunes” brothers.

Frederick Cheung


As a director, singer and actor, Frederick Cheung has definitely learnt to master all these roles with flying colours. With his recent return to Vancouver to visit friends and family, he sat down with Mary to update his career breakthrough. Fred shared the funny moments and hardships that happened behind the scenes as a first time director of the movie “Mysterious Fighter Project A” featuring the Korean actor, Lee Tae-ri. Fred mentioned it was undeniably a challenge to manage crew members of different nationalities, age group and personalities and strike a balance. Whilst accumulating more experience to prepare for his next movie project, he is now shifting his focus back to music. On the taping date, FTV team was prepared to celebrate Mary’s upcoming birthday. Together with other colleagues, Fred presented a beautiful cake and sang happy birthday to create yet another unforgettable memory for Mary.

Yoyo Sham


“Best Mandarin Female Singer” and “Best Album Producer” nominee at the prestigious “Golden Melody Awards” for her new album “Nothing is Under Control”, Hong Kong singer song writer, Yoyo Sham’s talent and competence have eventually gained recognition after 9 years of hard work in the entertainment industry. Before attending “The Canadian Chinese Song-Writers Quest” as special guest performer, Yoyo stopped by to have an interview on “Leisure Talk”, “City Chat” and “What’s On”. Trying to contain her excitement, Yoyo was thrilled to share that she already made plans with her production team to celebrate her “Golden Melody Awards” nominations. During the interviews, she also walked through her journey to become a singer. Travelling to Beijing as a fresh graduate in search of career opportunities, she met one of the most influential figures in Mandopop music, Jonathan Lee who encouraged her to try song writing, subsequently leading to the beginning of her music voyage. Realizing the huge potentials in Taiwan for independent singer song writers, she decided to grow her career there. Her laidback style coupling with the capability of mastering Cantonese, English and Mandarin to create original meaningful stories in her songs is forever appealing to her followers. Her Vancouver fans will be blessed with the opportunity to listen to Yoyo live in action. How amazing her performance will be? We will soon find out!

Alfred Cheung


During the golden age of movie industry in the 80’s and 90’s, director Alfred Cheung incorporated comedic elements from local Hong Long culture into his legendary box office hits “Let’s Make Laugh” and “Her Fatal Ways”. More than two decades later, the movies still hold a place in audience’s heart and remain as classics. Alfred has taken on the role as a director, screenwriter, producer, and actor in over 80 films for almost 40 years. To also keep up with the current trends, he even started a Youtube channel analysing current issues, which turns out to be quite popular among younger followers. Recently, Alfred was in Vancouver for seminars and workshops while visiting his children studying in the US. In the midst of his tight schedule, “Leisure Talk”, “City Chat” and “What’s On” were able to catch up with him to share some insights on the evolutionary change of the film industry. He frankly expressed that films locally produced in Hong Kong have dramatically shrunk in quantity with diminishing popularity. However, the booming film industry in China has also opened up a lot more opportunities for professionals in this field. With technology advancements, Alfred believes that anyone with a phone can be a director to record stories from their own unique perspectives.

Alice Lau


It has already been two years since Alice Lau guested on Leisure Talk. The US resident stopped by Vancouver lately when William Ho grasped the opportunity to catch up with her. Despite her family’s disapproval, Alice insisted on pursuing her acting dream in the entertainment industry. Her determination soon paid off when she managed to be selected among thousands of candidates to enrol in and subsequently graduated from the artiste training program organized by TVB. Alice then participated in several movies, portraying roles with different backgrounds and occupations, among which was a drug addict. She laughingly expressed that it was quite a challenge to imitate the characteristics of an addict without having tried any form of drugs before. Even though Alice moved to America after she left the entertainment industry, she continues to keep in close contact with her colleagues from the artist training program and returns to Hong Kong regularly for gatherings. They even plan to travel together, proving that 40 years of friendship does last a lifetime!

Wendy Yu


“Good Morning Hong Kong” was a show of reminiscence for Hong Kong citizens as it was usually the first thing they watched before starting their day. Among the several generations of program hosts, Wendy Yu is undoubtedly one of the most well-known personalities. She recently came to Vancouver for vacation when William Ho from Leisure Talk grasp this opportunity to find out Wendy’s recent endeavours. Brought up in San Francisco, Wendy excelled in science and grew up to become a nutritionist. It was while she accompanied her husband to an interview at TVB that she had an encounter with a producer which completely changed her life. From then onwards, she took the role as a TV host for the next 20 years. As a horse-lover, Wendy was appointed as the Equestrian Promotion Ambassador of the Hong Kong Equestrian Association. However, she revealed that she was psychologically traumatized after falling off a horse. Thankfully, her husband’s constant support and her determination to overcome her fear eventually paid off. Since retirement, Wendy is continuing her horse ridding journey and even picked up new sports like swimming and dancing. She is definitely living life to the fullest!

Ben Li


Former TVB artiste Ben Li became a household name through hosting a number of popular information programs like “Good Morning Hong Kong” and “Big River North and South”. He later founded an advertising agency and designed marketing campaigns for real estate developers. During his trip to Vancouver for a reunion with old colleagues, Ben and his wife sat down with “Leisure Talk” host and long time friend, William Ho to update his new endeavours. As a semi-retired man, Ben expressed that he has been a workaholic for the first half of his life. It is time for him to sit back and enjoy now. A self-motivated learner, he obtained a boating license, is in the learning process of motorcycling, and has plans to even operate a helicopter! In front of this loving couple, William felt extremely proud to be the matchmaker for them years ago.