Chasing Star

Jim Yan


Media personality Jim Yan is well-known for his profound humour and ability to create an entertaining ambience in his programs. Behind this funny character is a very family-oriented man who regularly spends quality time with his loved ones. Jim recently travelled to Vancouver for leisure and seized the opportunity to visit “Leisure Talk” host, also former Commercial Radio Hong Kong DJ Mary Lo, to talk about his journey in the entertainment industry and his concert earlier this year. As a radio fanatic since an early age, he really wanted to make a career out of his passion but lacked the confidence to become a DJ. Thankfully, Jim eventually sent in an application for Commercial Radio Hong Kong’s DJ recruitment with much courage. With a dedication surpassing fellow students, he successfully secured his dream job at CRHK. Being in the industry for more than 20 years now, he is dearly loved by his fans. His 17 year partnership with the hilarious Donald as “I Love You Boyz” has resulted in huge popularity, many musical releases, and even a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Jim laughingly expressed that he was in tears when this dream came true and more happy tears dropped during their concert when fans presented them with cards of gratitude.

Chris Ho and Ahong Chan


Vancouver’s spectacular scenery has attracted Chris Ho, the base guitarist of the band Yellow!, to come visit again. Together with another band member Ahong Chan, he guested on “Leisure Talk” this time to chat about the single that they released last year and their upcoming music projects. They revealed that last year was one full of “first times” for the band. Ahong and Wilson collaboratively composed and wrote lyrics for the single. They all travelled to Thailand to shoot their music video and the entire band had on screen cameos which created a series of hilarious memories. As the years flew by, the band once known as Wildchild were no longer children. With age comes maturity, their performing styles have shifted from youthful to a more adventurous approach. Even though they are currently travelling, Ahong mentioned that they took advantage of this opportunity abroad to record new songs and shoot footage for 2 music videos coming out soon. Their die-hard fans are super excited to look forward to Yellow!’s new creations.

Heidi Chu


The beautiful 2001 Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2nd runner up, Heidi Chu, got married 9 years ago and gave birth to a baby girl the following year. Vancouver’s lifestyle and environment have made her return for frequent visits. This time around, “Leisure Talk” managed to invite her to reminisce her pageant days and chat about what life is like in the entertainment industry. To Heidi, being Miss Hong Kong had always been a childhood dream. When the opportunity came, her friends all motivated her to fill in an application and start another life chapter. Subsequent to winning, Heidi participated in several television dramas. However, appearing on screen as a program host and MC were always more down her alley. From financial programs, the biggest fireworks display celebration in Hong Kong, live reporting on the Olympics to the current TV show “Scoop”, Heidi has demonstrated excellent eloquence and poise. One of her most memorable experiences was interviewing Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia after they won championship at Beijing Olympics. Soon after that brief encounter, Heidi was invited to be the MC for Guo Jingjing’s wedding a few years later. It goes to show that her job can lead to very unique relationships.

Kimman Wong & SimonGirl


Singer songwriter Kimman Wong and singer, actress and program host SimonGirl have just participated at a series of sharing sessions in North America. Stopping by Vancouver, they recalled the experience and obstacles confronted while dream chasing in “Leisure Talk”. Kimman took a big hit with his mother’s passing but fortunately his perseverance pushed him through the hardships. To spread his passion for music, Kimman busked in 18 countries and his persistence was paid off. He soon made an appearance on television which eventually led to the release of his album at the end of last year. On the other hand, SimonGirl entered the entertainment industry after competing in a singing contest. Despite her aspiration in singing, she were mostly hosting TV programs and lacked the opportunity to show her singing talent. Long-awaited dream with no clear path to success made SimonGirl extremely upset. Thankfully, her family and friends’ encouragement rekindled her flame of hope. Soon after, she released her own single, bringing her closer to her gleam of light!

James Lai


James Lai Wing Keung was one of the producers of “Aces Go Places”, the first Hong Kong produced film to surpass 20 million in box office record with the highest attendance. Although deeply rooted in the film industry, James has already retired and moved to Canada. “Leisure Talk” just caught up with him when he shared his career journey venturing from on-screen to behind the scenes. The TVB artist training program brought him an opportunity to meet his future wife and participate in countless TV dramas subsequent to graduation. While having a bright future as an actor, James developed an interest in film production along the way. With great courage, he left acting behind to pursue a career as an assistant director. Through a lucky encounter, James was acquainted with the Kung Fu Master Kwan Tak-hing who took him under his wing as a disciple. James was also the key person contributing to the production of the “Wong Fei-hung” TV series. Switching to the movie industry, he produced the overwhelmingly successful “Aces Go Places” series marking the peak of his career. Looking back, he realized that time passes in a blink of an eye but feels content spending quality time with his family.

Cao Xiuqin


During her recent visit to Vancouver, renowned national first-class Chinese Opera Performer Cao Xiuqin took the time to sat down with passionate Cantonese Opera lover William Ho to reminisce about her singing journey. Her interest in opera singing was ignited by the enlightenment and edification of her father. At the young age of 8, Cao Xiuqin made her debut which marked the beginning of her singing career. Under the guidance of the master of Cantonese Opera, Hong Xiannu, Cao Xiuqin rose to fame after her performance in Princess Baihua. She continued to produce memorable stage presences and her unique singing style became a lot of new Cantonese Opera rookies’ learning inspiration. Setting foot on the Vancouver stage multiple times, Cao Xiuqin was touched by the enthusiasm and support from her local fans. Though semi-retired now, she still hopes to have the opportunity to sing on stage for Vancouverites again in the near future.

Man Lam


An award-winning photographer and active participant in countless film soundtracks took on another role and became a documentary film director. Currently living in Japan, Man Lam constantly travels between Japan and Hong Kong for work. While visiting Vancouver, he was interviewed by “Leisure Talk” to share his documentary shooting experiences, his appreciation for the legendary Chinese music icon Rebecca Pan, and the reason for picking up his camera again. Mr. Lam expressed gratitude towards Rebecca for giving him the opportunity to be the photographer of the “Legend of the White Snake” and also revealed some behind-the-scenes moments with this music prodigy. To find out more, please stay tuned for his “Leisure Talk” interview!

Curley G’s Path to Singer Songwriter


During the blind audition, her rendition of “Incomparable Beauty” ushered two celebrity instructors to push the button and demand her to join their corresponding teams. In addition, her jaw dropping execution of “She Came To My Concert” was extremely memorable to the audience. The new star garnering such extraordinary impacts in Sing! China Season 2 was Curley G. Recently winning with majority votes at “Golden Classics New Voices”, Curley was invited to Canada to be the “Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest” special guest performer. Her enthusiastic fans are looking forward to Curley’s unique singing style live in action. Moments after Curley had landed in Vancouver, she hopped right into work doing interviews for “Leisure Talk”, “City Chat” and “What’s On”. Other than revealing the behind the scenes of her “Sing! China” competition experience 2 years ago, she also talked about her studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and disclosed her goal in becoming an all-rounded singer songwriter! To find out more about this young talented star, please stay tuned for her interviews!

Cheung Man Sun and Candy Chea – Their Next Journey


Vancouver is known for its incredibly beautiful nature which attracts golf fanatics from all over the world to come here to play. Among them are Cheung Man Sun and his wife Candy Chea. Other than swinging clubs outdoors, the couple also paid a visit to Fairchild TV to reconnect with some old friends. When Leisure Talk host, Ricky Cheung, asked about their retirement life, Cheung Man Sun laughingly expressed that he values learning from life experience. This explained why they have already planned a series of trips, starting from chasing the northern lights in Iceland to following the animal migration in South Africa. In addition, he hopes to do good deeds along the way, making their journeys more meaningful. Through this interview, Cheung Man Sun and Candy’s new roles are being revealed. Since leaving his post as the Assistant Director of Broadcasting of Radio Television Hong Kong, he has been the consultant of the Hong Kong Observatory ; she is also an accredited mediator while still active in the broadcasting industry. Their exhilarating lives have proven that retirement has definitely not slowed the couple down. Please stay tuned for Leisure Talk to find out more about Cheung Man Sun and Candy Chea’s next journey!

Linda Chung


After capturing the titles of Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International, Linda Chung was offered the opportunity to pursue an acting career at TVB in Hong Kong. Having gone through years of fame in the entertainment industry, she is now a wife and mother of two adorable kids. With her family as her first priority, Linda surprised her fans earlier with the news of her return to the music scene. A couple of months later, Linda finally released her latest single “Mommy I Love You So” which depicts her unconditional love for her daughter. Prior to her promotional trip to Hong Kong, Linda especially spared time to visit Fairchild TV to chat with Leisure Talk and What’s On on her new project. The inspiration of her song arose while she was putting her daughter to sleep and watching her go into deep slumber. Linda always aspires to song writing and it was another perfect opportunity to do so. Other than composing the song and writing the English lyrics, she also took the role as a producer to add a personal touch to the video which means a lot to the whole family. Please stay tuned for the upcoming Leisure Talk on Friday to learn more about Linda’s views on her family and recent endeavours!