Chasing Star

Anne Heung


Anne Heung returned to the entertainment industry in 2015 with new projects launched on dramas, movies, and variety shows. The same year, she was invited to be the MC of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. 5 years later, Anne has made an appearance on Fairchild TV again through the currently airing Miss Goodviu and Snapshots. Anne mentioned in the interview that she felt uncertain about her future when she first graduated from the university. Knowing that her friend Virginia Yung won the title of Miss Hong Kong as an overseas contestant, she decided to give it a try in the next year and took home four awards including the championship. Her acting journey started immediately after. In 2008, Anne traded her acting career for another job in Shanghai then returned to showbiz after a few years, wishing to hit the next milestone. Please look forward to more of Anne’s amazing works coming soon!

Anne Heung Interview at Snapshots

Rio Ma


People were totally overwhelmed and touched by “Little chinchilla” Rio Ma’s crying scene in The Exorcist's 2nd Meter. This promising rising child star has been taking dance class at Mother Hong Kong Arts Centre since he was 3 years old. The famous Hong Kong actress, also founder of the Arts Center, Nancy Sit greatly praised his cheerful and enthusiastic personality and was instrumental in his TV drama filming debut. Starting at a very young age, Rio has already collaborated with many prominent actors and actress, including Fred Cheng, Ali Lee, and Gallen Lo in Provocateur, as well as Kenneth Ma and Anthony Ho in the previously aired The Exorcist's 2nd Meter. He specially felt honored to work with TV King Gallen who even coached him on acting for a little while. Entering his 6th year of acting career, what is Rio’s most memorable and interesting filming experience? What new things did he come across? Find out more in the interview!

Rio Ma's Interview at Snapshots

Hanjin Tan


Known for his outstanding musical talent, the chubby and smiley Hanjin Tan delivered an incredible performance at Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2012. Eight years later, Hanjin amazes everyone with his dramatic weight loss and impressive acting skills in The Gutter, playing a selfish and self-centred role named Ken detested by all viewers. However, the unpleasant comments sounded beautiful to Hanjin’s ears as compliments for his vivid personification of the character. The acting techniques of this singer-songwriter and Winner of Best New Performer at the past Hong Kong Film Awards are acknowledged by the audiences with his remarkable portrayal of the role in the drama. Recently, Hanjin guested on Snapshots to share his experience of filming The Gutter and working with his buddy Bowie Lam who wasn't only an actor this time but also the producer of the drama. Hanjin also revealed that Bowie’s overly serious attitude scared him off at times throughout the filming process!

Hanjin's Interview at Snapshots

BabyJohn Choi


BabyJohn Choi was the winner of Best New Performer Award for his role in "The Way We Dance" at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards. He was also the promising new actor who touched numerous hearts when sacrificing himself at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel to save others in “Shock Wave”. His achievements had made him one of the favourite newcomers in the Hong Kong film industry. Unfortunately, all film production came to a standstill due to the pandemic since the end of last year. BabyJohn then decided to present a photo exhibition on Japanese tea ceremony to spread love and positivity. Not only was this exhibition his first public event after launching his own company, his interview was also Snapshots’ first online interview. He even curated the photo exhibition, revealing the message behind these pictures. 8 years of study in Japanese tea ceremony inspires BabyJohn of the tremendous value of self-reflection to help improve and balance life. The photo exhibition was also a valuable opportunity for BabyJohn to empty himself spiritually, leaving space to listen and learn from others.

BabyJohn's Interview at Snapshots

Tang Siu Hau


Evidenced by two EP’s, a first solo concert commemorating her 10 years in the music industry and the win as Artist to Watch Award, 2019 marked a flourishing year for Tang Siu Hau. Her years of efforts have finally paid off. Recently, Tang Siu Hau and Hong Kong pop music producer Victor Tse shared their past year’s accomplishments on What’s On, among which was their 10 day creative escape in Finland. After her recent EPs, Tang Siu Hau has revealed plans to release a full album near the end of the year. Her overseas trip to Vancouver was actually a preparation for this upcoming album. Her Canadian fans cannot wait to see Tang Siu Hau’s new angelic creations to be born!

Tang Siu Hau's Interview at What's On - Part 1

Tang Siu Hau's Interview at What's On - Part 2

Frances Yip


Stepping into her 50th anniversary in the music industry, Frances Yip returned to Vancouver for a charitable show to share this precious moment with her beloved fans overseas. The superstar has performed in more than 30 countries and blessed fans worldwide with her talented voice. One of Frances’ biggest hits which defies the test of time is undoubtedly the theme song of the classic The Bund. She can never step off the stage without singing this all time favourite. During her What’s On interviews, Frances recalled the challenges to recording her first original Cantonese song The Bund because the producer demanded for a completely different rendition of the new song. Her great efforts definitely paid off as it was overwhelmingly well-received by the public. Lastly, Frances gave a word of advice to her young peers in the music industry: while chasing your dream, make sure to enjoy the moments on stage and the pleasure of singing. This is the incentive to help them advance in their career.

Susur Lee


Known as the fusion cuisine master, the Chinese Canadian international chef Susur Lee ventured into the culinary world at the age of 16, completing an apprenticeship at the prestigious Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. He immigrated to Canada at 20 years old and worked his way up to head chef at multiple restaurants before opening up his own business. Recently, this highly regarded chef met talk show host and foodie William Ho on Leisure Talk to share his tactics running a successful restaurant and the differences between East and West coast cuisines. To his knowledge and observations, the West coast has an abundance of fresh seafood and the East’s diverse population offers a variety of food selections. On another note, Susar makes regular trips to Spain to visit his son and satisfy his craving for Spanish food. As a tip for Hoho and our viewers, the star chef suggested adding a few drops of lemon juice to enhance the flavour of a paella.

Supper Moment


To commemorate the 14th anniversary in the entertainment industry, Hong Kong popular rock band Supper Moment took a leap forward to have their first Canadian concert tour. While Canadian fans gave them a warm welcome, Mother Nature embraced the band with a white blanket of snow to cool off the heat. However, the winter weather did not deter their diehard fans from showing their support. Band members, Sunny, Martin, CK and Hugh were totally overwhelmed and expressed their upmost gratitude towards their fans on Leisure Talk. Whilst walking through the creation of their first album, the members admitted that the process triggered many different opinions. These music fanatics also revealed that they will be releasing a new album this year so fans please stay tuned! As their Vancouver trip came to a close, the band was heading to Toronto for another concert when bad weather hit and their flight was cancelled. This tiny setback almost jeopardized their next performance. Thankfully, luck was on their side to help them arrive just in time to sing their heart out. These two Canadian performances definitely left a long lasting memory for Supper Moment and we hope for them to return soon!

Christy Chung & Shawn Zhang


Born and raised in Montreal, Miss Chinese International 1993 Christy Chung still looks as beautiful as ever when turning 50 year old. Recently, she set her foot in Canada again with her husband Shawn Zhang for a charitable event. Fairchild hosts caught up with the couple in City Chat, Asian Magazine and What’s On where they shared the secret in maintaining a loving relationship. During the interviews, Christy and Shawn demonstrated some basic movements of Tai Chi which they started to take on lately. Earlier this year, they also participated in a reality show in China which received a lot of positive feedback. To find out more about the shooting process and behind the scenes snippets, please stay tuned for the interview broadcasting dates!

Matthew Ho


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2019 has successfully concluded, all thanks to the 10 finalists and special guest performer Matthew Ho’s outstanding performances. Other than his amazing acting skills, the audience was captivated by Matthew’s mesmerizing voice onstage. Stepping into his 7th year in the entertainment industry, he shared some of the experiences in acting on Leisure Talk and What’s On. Out of all his roles, Matthew considered his character, Nick, from Law dis-Order was the hardest because of the complex lines he had to memorize. On the contrary, partnering with Edwin Siu and Raymond Cho as Siu Tong in A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch was a time of endless laughter. Prior to filming Life on the Line, Matthew purposely took a first aid training course to help with his portrayal of his character as a professional paramedic. To find out more about Matthew’s acting journey, please stay tuned to Leisure Talk!