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James Ng


The versatile promising star James Ng, nicknamed "Kwan Gor," is set to grace the stage of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2023 Final. In a recent interview, he shared his experience of participating in the popular talent show "The Voice 2“ which marked the beginning of his career. Kwan Gor, who has a deep love for romantic songs, understands his vocal style well. He has received widespread recognition for his powerful singing and acting skills, making him one of the audience's favorites. This year, he has not only released several hits and television series themes but also devoted himself to composing and writing lyrics. His song "Hundred and Two Years," dedicated to his newlywed wife, even quickly became a triple champion song. Fans in Canada are looking forward to the amazing moments Kwan Gor will share with them. Relive the exciting details of the interview to find out more!

Kwan Gor's Interview on What's On

Lawrence Kan


Graduating from the Vancouver Film School, Hong Kong director Lawrence Kan has earned recognition with his latest work, 'In Broad Daylight.' The film was an official selection at the 42nd Vancouver International Film Festival and simultaneously received five Golden Horse Award nominations. Recently, he returned to Canada and sat down with 'What's On,' to share his feelings about receiving the nominations and his experiences in the film industry. Lawrence revealed that he was deeply touched upon learning of the nominations, and during this journey, he visited various places to reminisce about his days of studying in Vancouver. The film 'In Broad Daylight' stars Jennifer Yu, David Chiang, and Bowie Lam, and its storyline revolves around a journalist investigating allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct in a residential care home for people with disabilities. Let’s check out the exclusive content of the interview, and look forward to the success of 'In Broad Daylight' at the Golden Horse Awards!

Lawrence Kan's Interview in What's On

Leanne Li


The graceful and elegant 19 year old Leanne embarked on a successful life venture after winning the titles of Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese International. Aside from a career in the entrainment industry, she also found the love of her life, started a happy family and at the same time, developed an interest in art. As a dutiful daughter, Leanne tries to make time to Vancouver every year to visit her parents. Curious to know where she brought her girls to enjoy the beautiful summer here? Click on the video now.

Leanne Li's Interview in What's On

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Carat Cheung


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2009 1st Runner-up Carat Cheung felt blessed with the opportunity to receive professional training throughout her Pageant journey, which paved the way for her to pursue her artistic dream. After being selected as an overseas delegate at the Miss Hong Kong Pageant recruitment, she went on to capture the championship and launched a career in the entertainment industry. For the past ten years, she has taken up acting, hosting, performing in variety shows, and recently released a single. As a semi-finalist at the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition, Carat showcased outstanding singing skills even at that point. Click on the video now to discover more about the future plans of this MCVP alumnus who is juggling exceptionally well between career and family.

Carat Cheung's Interview in What's On

Carat Cheung's Interview in Urban Life

Congratulations to Lyman Heung!


Congratulations to Lyman Heung, the North American contestant of "King Maker V," for clinching this year's championship in an impressive manner! His heartfelt gratitude went out to his wife for pushing him to participate in the Vancouver audition and for her unwavering support. He also extended a special thank you to his fans and the North American audience for being with him every step of the way. From growing up in Hong Kong to honing his skills in the United States, Lyman was thrilled to take the Hong Kong stage by storm! Throughout the journey, he not only forged unbreakable bonds with his fellow contestants but received invaluable wisdom from seasoned mentors. These experiences allowed him to relax and enjoy the competition to the fullest. The future holds endless possibilities for this talented dancer! Lyman humorously shared that he needs to focus on mastering the Chinese language at this stage. He is also eagerly looking forward to exploring opportunities in acting and film projects. Check out the video to relive the captivating moments of this exclusive interview!

Lyman Heung's Interview in What's On

Grace Chan


Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2023 is now open for application! Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International champion Grace Chan encouraged young women to take a brave step forward and showcase their utmost confidence to the audience. She once questioned if she could fit society's definition of beauty but realized that every person has their special charm and talent that can dazzle on stage! When it came to acting and hosting, Grace expressed that she enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom even more. Grace is now a proud mom of three, and she's not just thriving as a parent but also maintaining an elegant figure! Check out the video to relive the captivating moments of this exclusive interview!

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Bernice Liu


Bernice Liu, the first Miss Chinese Vancouver to capture the prestigious title of Miss Chinese International, made a heartwarming return to the Canadian spotlight as she visited Fairchild Television to catch up with her longtime friends at the station. Bernice felt honored being featured in the Vancouver Canadian Chinese Museum's historical archive. She described her experience at the Pageant as a truly 'Once-in-a-Lifetime' journey that transformed her life and paved the way for her to become the remarkable person she is today.

As the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2023 is opening for application soon, Bernice, now a mentor for many, encourages young women to embrace their dreams and dare to challenge themselves, as 'You have nothing to lose!' Despite juggling multiple responsibilities, from pursuing her education to acting and managing her business, Bernice remains passionately dedicated to charitable causes, living a life that embodies beauty and brilliance. Check out the video to relive the captivating moments of this exclusive interview!

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William Hu


The veteran singer and entertainer, William Hu, shared insights from his illustrious 40-year journey in the entertainment industry. Throughout his career, he has assumed various roles, dabbled in acting, and hosted television programs. William has experienced both temporary exits and triumphant returns, but his passion for acting and singing has only grown stronger over time. Recently, in the bilingual drama series "Cross My Mind," William has fearlessly challenged himself by diligently honing his conversational English skills, aiming to present an entirely new aspect to his audience. With an upcoming visit to Vancouver, William eagerly looks forward to engaging with his Canadian fans and reliving fond memories with his esteemed mentors. As for his devoted fans' most anticipated event, William hints at the possibility of a concert next year. Check out for William's interview now!

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Shaun Tam


The renowned "Best Actor" and restaurant owner, Shaun Tam, is not only a skilled chef but also widely known as a loving husband and father. Shaun has always considered his family as the driving force behind his successful career, and he never misses an opportunity to praise his wife in front of the camera. Moreover, Shaun described his recent collaboration with Charmaine Sheh in a drama as a smooth and comfortable experience, where he greatly admired her professionalism. They even stayed up all night together, studying their scripts and characters. In light of this, he jokingly mentioned having to block her from communicating with him as a result. Check out for Shaun’s interview now!

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Sisley Choi shared about her Big Moment


Sisley Choi, the acclaimed "Best Actress" of the generation, recently made her first visit to Canada and participated in an engaging interview. Aside from her funny and adorable public image, Sisley revealed her struggle with her surprisingly indecisive personality . Beyond her on-screen persona, Sisley's athletic background as a gifted marathon runner and her ability to navigate bustling city streets for filming added an extra dimension to her versatile talents. However, she shared that the most challenging aspect of her craft lies in controlling her facial expressions as an actress, particularly because she didn't have a formal acting education. Reflecting on her ten-year career, Sisley emphasized that the most profound moments weren't just the grand achievements, like winning the "Best Actress" award. Instead, she cherished the little moments—the intricacies and nuances—of stepping into different roles. Through her ongoing journey, Sisley has gradually unraveled the true essence of drama and continues to push the boundaries of her craft. Check out for Sisley's interview now!

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