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Kaho Hung


With a career launch as a singer-songwriter in 2018, Kaho Hung won several rookie awards and only within 2 years, he has already released more than 10 songs! While Kaho guested on What’s On, he revealed that his new single “The Underdog” was actually inspired by Fiona Sit’s “May Be Next Time”! Watch the full interview now to find out why!

Kaho Hung's Interview at What's On

Janice Vidal


No matter how many times you listen, Janice Vidal’s love songs have always touched people to the bottom of their hearts. She recently released a new single “Take Your Trash With You” and was involved in every aspect of the song by expressing her experience through writing the lyrics. Watch the interview now to know more about the behind-the-scenes of this amazing music piece production!

Janice Vidal's Interview at What's On

Behind the Scenes for "Stupid Squad" at What's On

Pakho Chau


Pakho Chau recently performed at the Final of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2020. Although he couldn’t come to Vancouver in person, his virtual collaboration stage with the 8 beautiful finalists was still magnificent! He also guested on What’s On to share his thoughts of being a first time dad through a singing segment. Which song is her daughter’s favourite? Among all his released songs, which one does Pakho like the most? Watch the interviews to find out the answer now!

Pakho Chau's Interview at What's On

Pakho Chau's Interview at Urban Lifen

Grace Wong


Debuted as an actress and landed several big roles in TVB dramas, Grace Wong has always dreamed of becoming a dancing singer. Last year, she released her first single “Casada” (meaning marriage in Spanish) under her stage name G. Racie in her third wedding anniversary. To make the song even more meaningful, she also participated in writing the lyrics and composing the music. To know more about the process of producing this beautiful song and gorgeous music video, watch the interview now!

Grace Wong's Interview at Snapshots

Dear Jane


Hong Kong pop band Dear Jane was thrilled to meet with Canadian fans for the first time on What’s On and expressed their concern about COVID-19 outbreak in Canada in the recent interview, hoping their music can help everyone to manage pandemic stress. The entertainment industry has almost been forced to shut down due to the unprecedented health crisis. However, it doesn’t affect their plan of releasing a full-length album. Also, there seems to be other surprises at the end of the year! Watch the interview now!

Dear Jane's Interview at What's On

Stephen Wong


Stephen Wong had been struggling with his youthful appearance and feared that this might inhibit his acting career until he gained attention with his masculine look and manly beard in Apple-colada! Since then, Stephen has continued to receive positive reviews for his nuanced portrayals of different characters. However among all, Stephen revealed that his most memorable character is Fu Yee-Chek in Land of Wealth. To find out why, watch the interview now!

Stephen Wong's Interview at What's On

Chet Lam


Inspired by this wonderful world, Chet Lam’s music often tells different stories through his traveling experience. With a unique perspective, Chet recently released a new album “Born in Kowloon”, which is also a tribute to his birthplace, Hong Kong. He reconstructs the city with music through his own lens as well as childhood memories and is happy to share the new songs with his fans. The album even comes with a special bookmark! To know more about Chet’s new album, watch the interview now!

Chet Lam's Interview at Snapshots

Hubert Wu


As a versatile singer-actor, Hubert Hu recently unleashed his potential as a dancer in a dance cover with Mandy Wong, receiving a multitude of “likes” from fans! He also loves making desserts and calls himself a "dessert master". Why does Hubert, who isn't exactly a foodie, crave sweets more than others? Watch the full interview below to know more!

Hubert Wu's Interview at What's On

Louis Cheung


With critical praise for his acting, Louis Cheung has become one of the most prominent actors in the Hong Kong entertainment industry for the past few years. Aside from having a successful acting career, he never loses his passion for music! Debuted as a singer 15 years ago, yet taken a break from his singing career for a long time, Louis finally dropped a new single "David Harleyson" last month. Why does Louis reverse the name of the motorcycle brand? What's the hidden message behind it? Watch the interview now!

Louis Cheung's Interview at Snapshots

Owen Cheung


Owen Cheung has made audiences cheer for his hilarious moments in Fans Party and Al Cappuccino! He first showcased his amusing drawing skills in the fun-filled party, then surprised TV viewers with a naked running scene in his new drama. Owen even shared his enthusiasm for it on social media and commented "it's another achievement unlocked." Will Owen have more exciting scenes in Al Cappuccino? Find out in the interview!

Owen Cheung's Interview at What's On