Chasing Star

Frances Yip


Stepping into her 50th anniversary in the music industry, Frances Yip returned to Vancouver for a charitable show to share this precious moment with her beloved fans overseas. The superstar has performed in more than 30 countries and blessed fans worldwide with her talented voice. One of Frances’ biggest hits which defies the test of time is undoubtedly the theme song of the classic The Bund. She can never step off the stage without singing this all time favourite. During her Leisure Talk and What’s On interviews, Frances recalled the challenges to recording her first original Cantonese song The Bund because the producer demanded for a completely different rendition of the new song. Her great efforts definitely paid off as it was overwhelmingly well-received by the public. Lastly, Frances gave a word of advice to her young peers in the music industry: while chasing your dream, make sure to enjoy the moments on stage and the pleasure of singing. This is the incentive to help them advance in their career.

John Y


One year after the Canadian audience last seen John Y on the television screen, the actor-producer dropped by and made an appearance on Leisure Talk to update everyone on his recent endeavours. Originally a lawyer, John has diverted his devotion towards the acting scene and participated in highly acclaimed productions like The Unknown Mother and My Dear Banquet. In addition, one of his Hong Kong independent films, Million Loves in Me, earned him countless awards at several European film festivals. As the producer, screen-writer and actor of this production, John was very blessed to have won 7 best actor awards. Other than this film’s accomplishments, he also expressed excitement working alongside with the veteran actress Koon-Lan Law. John’s talent for film production is evident from his numerous successes. The public cannot wait for his next creation to be born! To find out more, please stay tuned for his interview on Leisure Talk!

Susur Lee


Known as the fusion cuisine master, the Chinese Canadian international chef Susur Lee ventured into the culinary world at the age of 16, completing an apprenticeship at the prestigious Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. He immigrated to Canada at 20 years old and worked his way up to head chef at multiple restaurants before opening up his own business. Recently, this highly regarded chef met talk show host and foodie William Ho on Leisure Talk to share his tactics running a successful restaurant and the differences between East and West coast cuisines. To his knowledge and observations, the West coast has an abundance of fresh seafood and the East’s diverse population offers a variety of food selections. On another note, Susar makes regular trips to Spain to visit his son and satisfy his craving for Spanish food. As a tip for Hoho and our viewers, the star chef suggested adding a few drops of lemon juice to enhance the flavour of a paella.

Anita Chui


Hong Kong actress Anita Chui stopped by Vancouver to reconnect with friends while traveling to the United States for a shooting job. During her short stay, she sat down with William Ho to share her stories in the entertainment industry and career breakthroughs. Anita has developed a strong interest in the film and television sector ever since she was in school. Whilst completing her Masters program, she was lucky enough to be spotted by renowned celebrity artiste manager Paco Wong. Their encounter prompted Anita to make a spontaneous decision by putting her education on hold to step onto the road of fame. Heading towards her goal, Anita took acting lessons from Jim Chim followed by an enrolment into a film school in England for additional training. As luck would have it, she was acquainted with a French director and was given the opportunity to be a film producer, subsequently relocating herself to Europe for her career. Anita laughingly stated that one of the challenges of being a film producer is to learn how to communicate with crew members in French. This movie is scheduled to premiere this year. Everyone is for sure looking forward to witnessing Anita’s first creation coming to life!

Angela Pang


It has been 12 years since singer and vocal teacher Angela Pang made an appearance on Leisure Talk. While celebrating 30 years in the entertainment industry, she couldn’t wait to share her thrill with the Canadian fans. Angela missed the chance to enjoy Vancouver’s beautiful scenery in the past due to the tight work schedule. This time around, she could finally relax and fully engage in what Vancouver had to offer. In particular, to be able to witness snowfall made this trip all that more memorable. As she looked back at her previous accomplishments, Angela still recalled the pivoting year when she won her championship title at The Asia-Pacific Song Contest and then continued on to Japan for another competition. Reminiscing old times, Angela was amazed by how quickly the years went by but the Mini CD with recordings from all contestants is still stored well at home. The assault and robbery Angela experienced 15 years ago took a toll on her memory. This traumatic event did not faze Angela. On the contrary, she persevered and challenged herself to push forward. In 2014, a return to the music business brought in numerous job opportunities, including hosting a TV music show last year. Her professionalism is to be complimented as it takes a lot more time to memorize her scripts than before.

Jocelyn Chan


The little Vancouverite-turned-Hong Kong-singer songwriter Jocelyn Chan recently returned home and guested on Leisure Talk and City Chat to share the joy of her new album release Angel Sanctuary. Aside from revealing her recent breakthroughs, Jocelyn also sang a snippet of her new creations. Participating at her first musical in 2018 was a challenging yet stressful process. It was gratifying to see her good friend Gigi Leung coming to cheer her on as an audience. Gigi’s presence empowered Jocelyn with the confidence to give her best performance. At the show, Jocelyn accidentally fell down the stairs backstage but thankfully only had minor injuries. As a music fanatic, she was very involved in the creative process of one of her singles Bliss released last September. In order for her masterpiece to be visually impressive, she chose to film her music video in various stunning locations and even took part in directing it herself. The entire journey was definitely not an easy task as she had gone through a series of mishaps. She was first burned on the leg by a car exhaust pipe and got lost whilst filming at a glacier. With a positive mindset, team finally found its way back to civilization with the help of a drone. In spite of the tiring process, it was all well worth as the result turned out great and the MV was well-received by her fans.

Jeannie Chan


Born in Toronto and raised in Vancouver, Jeannie Chan travelled to Hong Kong for an exchange program during her studies at the University of British Columbia. Miraculously, an audition at a modelling agency opened up her path to stardom. Jeannie regularly returned to Canada for vacation and eventually made a debut on Leisure Talk. She laughingly mentioned that she used to walk by Fairchild TV’s entrance a lot as a child and never thought she would have the chance to explore inside. Jeannie reminisced her first years at work in Hong Kong and exclaimed that it was stressful and hard to adjust to new environments. Since then, she has taken on many roles in dramas with the character Sui Man Ting in Of Greed and Ants being the most memorable. Make sure you will not miss Jennie’s exceptional performance in this drama currently broadcasting on FTV2HD!

Supper Moment


To commemorate the 14th anniversary in the entertainment industry, Hong Kong popular rock band Supper Moment took a leap forward to have their first Canadian concert tour. While Canadian fans gave them a warm welcome, Mother Nature embraced the band with a white blanket of snow to cool off the heat. However, the winter weather did not deter their diehard fans from showing their support. Band members, Sunny, Martin, CK and Hugh were totally overwhelmed and expressed their upmost gratitude towards their fans on Leisure Talk. Whilst walking through the creation of their first album, the members admitted that the process triggered many different opinions. These music fanatics also revealed that they will be releasing a new album this year so fans please stay tuned! As their Vancouver trip came to a close, the band was heading to Toronto for another concert when bad weather hit and their flight was cancelled. This tiny setback almost jeopardized their next performance. Thankfully, luck was on their side to help them arrive just in time to sing their heart out. These two Canadian performances definitely left a long lasting memory for Supper Moment and we hope for them to return soon!

Ong Yi Hing


While his friends were enjoying their adolescent years, Ong Yi Hing was already dipping his toes into writing literature and has won many awards since. Rising to fame at a really early age, Ong Yi has been a prolific writer, actor, show host, screenwriter, producer and director. Not long ago, he chatted with Leisure Talk host on his switch from being a writer to venturing off to different sectors of entertainment. Ong Yi also touched on the hardships as a novel writer in Hong Kong and how his creative inspirations came about. Furthermore, he disclosed that he is in the process of filming a new movie. To find out more about the details of his upcoming production, please stay tuned to the broadcasting times!

Alvin Leung


Michelin star chef Alvin Leung is famous for his innovative and hilarious cooking style. His technique in molecular gastronomy especially receives great compliments. The top notch restaurants this Chinese chef with most Michelin stars are expanding worldwide. Renowned foodie William Ho invited this internationally known chef onto Leisure Talk to share his road to successfully opening the Michelin restaurants. Alvin also revealed that he will be coaching the Canadian team at the upcoming 2021 Bocuse d’Or, a huge cooking competition equivalent to the Olympics in sports.