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Poon Chan Leung


The highly anticipated drama "Inevitable" has landed in Canada! In this supernatural story, Poon Chan Leung plays the character of the "Final Boss" who can travel through dimensions and control human life and death. He reveals in an interview with FTV that the complexity of the script was the most significant challenge. The plot of every scene required an in-depth analysis in order to conjure up the unique and mysterious ambience of the different spaces that his character navigates. Poon Sir's first collaboration with Sonija Kwok also brings a fresh feel and vibe to the production. In the action-filled scenes, Poon Sir has to transform from the professional theatre actor that he is well-known for to becoming a martial arts master. Fortunately, the entire filming process of "Inevitable" went very smoothly, rewarding him with valuable experience as well. Check out the interview for more exclusive content!

Poon Chan Leung's Interview in What's On

Hera Chan


Flashing back to her pageant journey, 2018 Miss Hong Kong and 2019 Miss Chinese International Hera Chan considers the lack of confidence as her most significant obstacle then because she did not have any outstanding talents. However, with every ounce of courage, Hera took the first step to sign up for the competition, hoping to take this opportunity to improve her performance. Through the pageant, she got to know herself more. The many new challenges that she took on made her realize that much more could be achieved in reality than one could ever imagine. In the drama “Story of Zom-B”, Hera’s character Bella is regarded as a goddess by many guys. Though this tomboy personality is somewhat similar to hers, she favors the role Joey in the drama “Used Goods”. That said, she is looking forward to portraying various contrasting roles, including a villain or an athlete to demonstrate her versatility. Check out the interview for more exclusive content!

Hera Chan's Interview in What's On

Sabrina Mendes


The University of Toronto graduate 2021 Miss Hong Kong champion Sabrina Mendes was born into a beauty pageant family. Her most memorable moment at the pageant was scoring perfectly in the question-and-answer session at the semi-final. This nice surprise certainly helped to boost her confidence in the journey ahead. Having returned to Hong Kong for some time, she misses the Canadian dish Poutine the most. Sabrina was honored to have the opportunity to host one of TVB’s most prominent shows, TVB Anniversary Gala last year. This experience was valuable as she had learned a lot from the other MC, the Pageant alumna Crystal Fung. Viewers also praised Sabrina for her poise and natural performance at the show. Check out the interview for more exclusive content!

Sabrina Mendes's Interview in What's On

Lisa-Marie Tse


To fulfill her father’s dream, Lisa-Marie Tse decided to return to Hong Kong from Scotland in 2020 to participate in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. In the end, she was crowned champion and took the title of Miss Photogenic as well. Reminiscing about this life-changing experience, Lisa feels that travelling overseas to a foreign place was the most challenging part. However, she is grateful for all the friends she met and the opportunity to improve her Cantonese. Lisa is now fully occupied with the filming of “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold” which she recently joined and the promotional activities for the 50th anniversary of the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Check out the interview for more exclusive content!

Lisa-Marie Tse's Interview in What's On

Fred Cheng


Fred Cheng, guest star of this year’s TVB Fairchild Fans Party, has been busy preparing for his life as a new dad! The first-time parent Fred is extremely excited but super nervous with endless questions about baby care. He is well-prepared with all the newborn essentials, but definitely needs to consult his experienced family members when it comes to feeding and babysitting. Raised in Canada as an enthusiast for ice hockey, Fred hopes that his son will grow up learning and loving the sport just as much as he does. He even bought a toddler Canucks jersey in anticipation of an outing in matching father-son outfits! Meanwhile, Fred is also practicing martial arts again for his new role in an upcoming drama! Click on the video to check out the interview!

Fred Cheng's Interview in What's On

Fred Cheng's Interview in What's On

Natalie Tong


As a challenge for her long-time career in the entertainment industry, Natalie Tong was determined to take up the lead role as a female fighter in the drama “The Righteous Fists”. For someone without a sporty build, she had to dedicate extra effort to perform well. However, she did not at any moment regret taking on this character, as Natalie believes that a professional actress should constantly welcome tough tasks and that she would look forward to being better than she was yesterday. While enjoying watching dramas as a quarantine activity to help fight the pandemic, she also pays great attention to her mental health. Natalie finds her own space and peace through mediation and practices running as a stress reliever. Click on the video to check out the interview!

Natalie Tong's Interview in What's On

Natalie Tong's Interview in Urban Life

Ying Chi Yuet (Little Cat)


Promising singer-songwriter Ying Chi Yuet, nicknamed “Little Cat”, is not only talented in singing and dancing, but has also showed off his acting skills in the microfilm “Shade of Brotherhood” recently. This action-filled movie required numerous fighting and shooting scenes that were new experiences for Little Cat. This opportunity brought Little Cat the honour of training under ‘08 Beijing Olympic martial arts bronze medalist and instructor Colin Cheng for his role. On top of that, he had the privilege of inviting Colin to perform in his new MV “The Making-Of”. This release is Little Cat’s second love song expressing the bitterness and sadness of unrequited love in a relationship. Check out the interview for more exclusive content!

Ying Chi Yuet's Interview in What's On

Jarvis Chow


Jarvis Chow is returning to co-host this year’s TVB Fairchild Fans Party with Mary Lo and Poon Sir from Canada! The travel KOL set foot in Japan for the first time since the pandemic last year to cover the Tokyo Olympics. It was a remarkable experience for Jarvis, with the most memorable being able to witness the opening and closing ceremonies at the national stadium. He is also grateful to have had the honour to interview the torchbearer. Jarvis hopes that he can travel to different parts of the world after the pandemic, including Canada, to explore the latest and most exciting attractions with his fans! Click on the video to check out the interview!

Jarvis Chow's Interview in What's On

Angela Pang


Angela Pang recently released her first song “Ugly Monster” in seven years. Inspired by the current pandemic situation, “ Ugly Monster”, was written, arranged and produced by veteran musician Peco Chui. The song describes the stress we confront during an economic downturn and how the pandemic forced us to make changes. The first line, “Keep working hard every day and suffering from endless frustrations”, impressed Angela the most. She hopes her new piece can boost our morale to stay positive. Faith and motivation can guide us through the worst times. Click on the video to check out the interview now!

Angela Pang's Interview in What's On

Kandy Wong


“Candy Sister” Kandy Wong made her debut in 2008. Because of a close resemblance in her voice and appearance to Priscilla Chan, and her frequent covers of Priscilla’s classics, Kandy’s popularity soared. She later joined the music program Jade Solid Gold as a host in 2011. Returning to the show a decade later, Kandy has noticed a transition in overall landscape and ambiance after its recent restructure. Being part of Hong Kong’s most iconic music program with Eric Kwok and her junior, Oscar, to promote Cantopop culture is especially meaningful. Due to the uprise of online streaming platforms, the public’s listening habits and patterns have also changed. However, Kandy believes that TV programmes still play a significant role in delivering multiple musical sources and news to people at large. As a singer, Kandy feels that having an opportunity to perform is crucial regardless of the platforms. Apart from music, Kandy has recently completed filming for two drama series, which is undoubtedly very different from music production. During the TV shooting, Kandy became close friends with Samantha Ko, Ruco Chan, and Owen Cheung. We look forward to her next album or even enjoying her performance in Canada after the pandemic. Check out her interview for exclusive content!

Kandy Wong's Interview in What's On