Lady First

Monday to Friday, PST 8:15AM,2:50PM; EST 11:15AM,5:50PM

Chinese Blind Date

Sunday PST 3:10PM, 8:00PM; EST 6:10PM, 11:00PM

Super Taste

Every Wednesday, (PT) 4:30PM, (ET) 7:30PM

The third-generation hosts have a strong lineup and will take you to travel all over Taiwan, explore the beautiful scenery, and taste the delicacies of mountains and seas.

Sing! China 2020

Saturday, PST 3:10PM, 8:30PM; EST 6:10PM, 11:30PM

"Sing! China 2020" is a music motivational commentary program with Nicholas Tse, Li Jian, Li Ronghao, and Li Yuchun as regular tutors.
The program always insists on starting from music, providing a stage for musicians with dreams to show their talents and realize their dreams, and use music to speak for themselves and the times. In terms of the competition system, in addition to the continued influential and recognizable blind selection of swivel chairs, "Sing! China 2020" has made a new integration and innovation. The newly added original track aims to provide original musicians with the first opportunity to be known and recognized. This season, Good Voice sharply reduced the number of seats on the tutor team to 6 people. This rule change greatly increased the threshold for tutor selection, and also brought huge uncertainty to the blind selection stage, which directly contributed to the strength of the students.