Lady First

Monday to Friday, PST 8:15AM,2:50PM; EST 11:15AM,5:50PM

Super Taste

Every Wednesday, (PT) 4:30PM, (ET) 7:30PM

The third-generation hosts have a strong lineup and will take you to travel all over Taiwan, explore the beautiful scenery, and taste the delicacies of mountains and seas.

Chinese Dating

Sunday, PST 3:10pm, 8:00pm; EST 6:10pm, 11:00pm

"Chinese Dating" is a dating show, hosted by Zhang Guoli and Chen Chen. The program opens the mode of intergenerational dating and friendship, realizes the two generations of parents and children on the same stage, breaks new cuts in intergenerational conflict, realizes the discussion of the two generations on the same stage in marriage and love issues, and becomes a true blind date.

The Next

Saturday, PT 3:10pm, 8:30PM; ET 6:10pm, 11:30pm

"The Next", the folk singers selected star singers as the subjects of competition on the spot, and selected the competition songs for them. Then the star singers made extreme adaptations of the songs within 24 hours, and the two sides competed on the same stage to make a battle Strong peak showdown.