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Variety Shows

  • Lady First

    Lady First

    Monday to Thursday, PST 4:30PM; EST 7:30PM

    "Women I’m the Best" is a Beauty variety show. Every time, different guests are invited to teach everyone how to skin care, how to make-up, how to match clothes, how to style; share the most popular information and show favorite collections . The most professional expert teacher, the smartest consumer bible! The hottest topics such as beauty, maintenance, slimming, fashion, etc., are all here!

  • Super Taste

    Super Taste

    Monday to Friday, (PT) 8:15AM, 2:50PM, (ET) 11:15AM, 5:50PM

    The third-generation hosts have a strong lineup and will take you to travel all over Taiwan, explore the beautiful scenery, and taste the delicacies of mountains and seas.

  • Daddy at Home S2 (G)

    Daddy at Home S2 (G)

    Saturday PST 3:10PM, 8:30PM; EST 6:10PM, 11:30PM

  • Singing with Legends S5

    Singing with Legends S5

    Sundays, PST 3:30PM, 8:00PM; EST 6:30PM, 11:00PM

    Singing with Legends S5 is gathering singing artistes of different generations on the grand stage. These songs bring back youthful memories of the singers whose feelings are resonating with artistes from the other generations. With a new competing and partnering system in place, the contest will be more interesting and exciting than ever before.