Lady First

Monday to Friday, PST 8:15AM,2:50PM; EST 11:15AM,5:50PM

Super Taste

Every Wednesday, (PT) 4:30PM, (ET) 7:30PM

The third-generation hosts have a strong lineup and will take you to travel all over Taiwan, explore the beautiful scenery, and taste the delicacies of mountains and seas.

Go Fighting (Season 6)

Sunday, PST 3:10pm, 8:00pm; EST 6:10pm, 11:00pm

"Go! Fighting" is based on the theme of "Happy to a well-off", the artists cross the railing together and rush forward. The Team hurdling victory together also means that when we face obstacles, we will work hard together with a positive attitude, and we will be able to head for a journey of happiness. On the road of "Happy to a well-off", we need to continuously improve our sense of happiness and satisfaction, and enrich our spiritual and cultural life. "Fighting together, we will definitely win" also conveys that only by "sharing the burden and persevering together" can we overcome all difficulties and the "Go Fighting spirit" that is not afraid of hardships and dangers.

Young Forever (Season 2)

Saturday, PST 3:10PM, 8:30PM; EST 6:10PM, 11:30PM

"Young Forever" is an innovation in music variety. The program has the concept of "intergenerational wave competition", and invited representatives of "senior singers" and "new singers" respectively. The two generations of singers teamed up and adapted classic songs by blindly selecting and matching. In the program, senior singers and new singers do not know each other's identity. In the blind selection process, senior singers use voice-changing microphones to hide their identities. New singers need to show their talents to gain the favor of seniors. The two generations of singers sang the same song without knowing each other's identity. "Listen to the song and know the person" completed the mutual selection, and constantly challenged the music advancement in the team competition and against the players.