Talk Shows

Gorgeous Space

Wednesday PST 9:25PM; EST 12:25AM

"Gorgeous space" is committed to improving the convenience of living space and beauty, the decoration knowledge platform to all-round solution to everyone's interior design and decoration problems, so that the renovation process can be more relaxed and happy; through the expert's explanation can be more accurate to achieve the most appropriate Your home decoration makes every living space more beautiful, more convenient and more fun.

Search Home TV

Saturdays PST 10:40PM. EST 1:40AM

T Viewpoint

Monday, PST 9:25PM, EST 12:25AM

Supplement the knowledge content for a week at a time, crawl through the truth of the information torrent, and convey positive ideas with special reports. Selected news topics and content will communicate with authoritative experts to deliver new knowledge and stories.

Huang, M.D.

Friday PST 4:30PM; EST 7:30PM

"Huang, M.D." the host Dr. Huang brings together the "love home consultants" to conduct a case discussion, hoping to give parents practical advice, let the children happy to grow.

Turn Around to Love

Saturday PST 1:00PM; EST 4:00PM

Suitable for family to watch the family program "Turn Around to love"
Moderator Gao Yiping accompany everyone to retrieve the most true love
Every Thursday afternoon, let the world be filled with love.

Discover New Taiwan

Sunday PST 6:40PM, EST 9:40PM

Health Magazine

Saturdays PST 2:20PM, EST 5:20PM; Sundays PST 2:40PM, EST 5:40PM