Arts & Culture

Let's Talk in English/ Studio Classroom

Monday to Saturday PST 9:00AM; EST 12:00PM

Beautiful Guangxi

Monday, PST 10:20PM, EST 1:20AM

"Beautiful Guangxi" reflects the economic and social development of Guangxi, tourism resources and cultural customs, focusing on the beauty of Guangxi's landscapes, national culture, economic development and social harmony. It is an important part of showing the new face of Guangxi in an all-round way. window.

Secret of Long Life

Thursday, PST 9:25pm EST 12:25am

A cultural program that combines longevity and health, humanities and customs to reveal the mystery of centenarians' longevity. Go deep into the hometown of longevity in Guangxi and even the whole country, find hundreds of centenarians, and show interesting life and the secrets of longevity through their daily lives and legendary stories.

The Nostalgia

Thursday, PST 10:05PM; EST 1:05AM

It takes the traditional Chinese ancient towns and villages as the main subjects. The program shows the ancient towns and villages, and sorts out the traditional culture of ancient towns and villages, and records the contemporary living conditions of ancient towns and villages. Through the historical stories of ancient towns and villages, the rise and fall of the family, the real life of the family, the stories of the folks are sorted out and carried forward, and the traditional rules and regulations are adopted. The code of conduct and morality that we have followed for generations and the inheritance of the millennial family ancestral training, effectively serialize scattered cultural gene fragments, and explore the form of Chinese excellent traditional culture "live in the present", in order to awaken the hearts of Chinese and foreign Chinese. Nostalgia emotions.

Home Afar

Monday to Thursday, PST 1:20PM, EST 4:20PM

"Home afar" creates a truly interactive travel experience and a public encyclopedia of Chinese tours. The program presents diversified life styles and travel encyclopedias through the personal experience of travel experience, travel information of private experts, the authoritative release of travel information, cultural interpretation of scholars and guests, and real-time interaction of travel topics, highlighting both heritage and sense of time Tourist image.