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Local Productions

  • Expert’s Hour

    Expert’s Hour

    Tuesday 9:25pm PT, 12:25am ET

    After immigrating to Canada, you will no doubt run into a variety of problems without knowing where to go for the answers. Expert’s hour is a live broadcast program produced by Talentvision that invites professionals to attend to questions you may encounter living in Canada. Audiences can call in or fax their questions for experts to help you solve the problems.

  • Straits Today

    Straits Today

    Friday 9:25pm PT, 12:25am ET

    Taking hot news topics to immediately discuss public opinion, Straits Today is Talentvision’s most popular political program. Along with debates amongst experts and commentators, the program also encourages audiences to call in and share their opinions. Straits Today invites audience’s participation to create a just and objective current affairs program.

  • Magazine 26

    Magazine 26

    Saturdays 10:10pm PT, 1:10am ET

    Magazine 26 goes in depth to expose different levels of Canadian life. Covering topics of interest to Chinese Canadian audiences, the program provides an objective and fair view to report on all aspects of the issue to allow audiences to go beyond and have a deeper understanding of their community. Magazine 26 has been a multiple time recipient of the Jack Webster Awards with its specialization in discovering the truth and tackling issues in the community. The latest medical information is also highlighted.

  • Urban Life

    Urban Life

    Saturday, PST 4:55PM, 8:00PM; EST 7:55PM, 11:00PM

    "Urban Life" searches you for the freshest city information, hottest trendy life, series of community activities and hot events on both sides of the Eastern and Western Canada. The wonderful life is in "Urban Life" is broadcast every Saturday.