Chasing Star

James Zhou


James Zhou, 2023 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant special guest performer, has just completed a master degree in psychology. Although he is busy as a psychotherapist, he has not forgotten about music creation. He as previous has composed for other singers such as Mike Tsang and Oscar Tao, Oscar Tao, Lala Hsu and Yang Kunetc. Let's look forward to what performances will James bring to the audience.

「熒幕八爪娛」羽田 訪問重溫

Him Law


Him Law, who has just finished filming "Modern Dynasty Part 2: War of Others", was invited as a guest performer at the 2023 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant. What is his impression of Toronto? As a guest performer, he has prepared a big surprise for the audience, hoping to leave beautiful memories with the 8 finalists!

「熒幕八爪娛」羅子溢 訪問重溫



J.Arie and Siufay visited Canada together this time. Besides work, they wanted to experience the charm of Toronto. What must-visit tourist spots did the host introduce to her? Among her roles as a singer, actress, and composer, which one does she love the most? Siufay revealed that J.Arie would be involved in his new project. Curious about what role J.Arie will play in this project and where her creative inspiration comes from?

「熒幕八爪娛」J.Arie 訪問重溫

Terence Siufay


Singer Terence Siufay and J.Arie, recently visited Canada to attend a charity concert. Since this is not the first time that Terence Siufay has visited Toronto, Canada, does he has a different feeling when coming back? Looking back on the "Support" Terence Siufay concert that has completed earlier, what was the most unforgettable or touching part for him? What kind of work challenges will be facing in the near future? It is said that J.Arie will also be participated in the upcoming project!

「熒幕八爪娛」小肥 訪問重溫

Hera Chan


The 2019 Miss Chinese International and 2018 Miss Hong Kong Hera Chan visited Toronto for the first time. Though the visit was brief, she was able to take a break from drama filming and enjoy some leisure. Hera had made good preparations for her performances at the event, aiming to surprise the Toronto audience. Having spent most of the time on drama sets last year, she has tried playing various roles. What role is she most looking forward to portraying?

「熒幕八爪娛」陳曉華 訪問重溫

Matthew Ho


TVB actor Matthew Ho delivered a standout performance in "Narcotics Heroes," particularly in the scene depicting his sister's tragic demise. The character's constraints limited him to only make "yah yah" sound despite the emotional intensity required, but this excellent acting earned him high praise from the audience. How did he find his first interaction with fans in Toronto? In the unreleased, he joined forces with Hera Chan for the fourth time. What are the similarities and differences in their characters? What surprises will this duo bring to the audience? Moreover, in line with the character's demands, Matthew had to maintain a slender physique. He succinctly summed up the entire process in two words!

「熒幕八爪娛」何廣沛 訪問重溫

Jarvis Chow


"Japan Expert" Jarvis Chow is well-known for his travel series. He then gained recognition as the solo host of the "TVB Anniversary Awards 2022," displaying a remarkable performance throughout the show, and has been described as the "successor to Carol Cheng." During the pandemic, he hosted our annual event "TVB Fairchild Fans Party." This time, he flew to Toronto for the first time to interact with the audience and fans. Want to know about the interesting discoveries and nervous moments when he hosted " Super Travels Limited" with Eric Tsang? He'll also share fresh perspectives on shooting travel programs!

「熒幕八爪娛」周奕瑋 訪問重溫

Andrea So


Andrea was raised in Canada, she participated in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2016, which kickstarted her entertainment career. This time, she returned "home" for her brother’s big day and she is excited about that. She has achieved remarkable success in variety shows such as " Dub of War " and " Profession Impossible," what does she find most memorable about filming these variety shows, and what is her future plans? Please click on the video to review the highlights of the interview!

Karl Ting


Karl Ting recently took advantage of his work break to return to Toronto to visit his family and also had an interview with "What's On"! Karl gained recognition in 2016 when he participated in the "Project Boyz Power Toronto" organized by Fairchild TV. He then embarked on an entertainment career and his first experience as a host was at "What's On". Later, he returned to Hong Kong to participate in the Mr. Hong Kong pageant, hosted variety shows and acted in dramas. He is grateful for all these opportunities that have come his way. Please click on the video to review the highlights of the interview!

「熒幕八爪娛」丁子朗 訪問重溫

Elaine Yiu


First time in Toronto, Elaine was deeply touched by the enthusiasm of the audience and hope to have the opportunity to meet everyone again! Elaine previously won the Best Actress award at the New York Television and Film Festival for her role in " The Righteous Fists." She was surprised and grateful for receiving the award and appreciated the recognition from overseas audiences. She also thanked the producer for inviting her to participate in the performance. The award is a great encouragement for her, and she will strive to film more good dramas for the audience. Apart from acting, Elaine is interested in trying "live streaming e-commerce." As a dog lover, she would like to sell pet products or promote vegetarianism through e-commerce. Please click on the video to review the highlights of the interview!

Elaine's interview on What's On