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The Ordinary Glory

The Ordinary Glory   

  • Date Feburary 16 - April 13, Monday to Friday
  • Episode41
  • Time PST: 2:00pm, 6:40pm, 10:35pm; EST: 5:00pm, 9:40pm, 1:35am
  • CastBai Jing Ting , Mark Chao, Wu Ke Zhi, Qiao Xin, Wei Da Xun


A workplace drama that follows a manager who has been repeatedly passed over for a promotion and his new intern. They work hard to make it in the financial sector in Shanghai.

As a manager of a financial firm, Wu Ke Zhi has a keen eye for investments, but his strengths are easily overshadowed by a glaring weakness. Because of his uncompromising personality, Wu Ke Zhi hasn't learned how to climb the corporate ladder nor how to play well with his superiors. As a result, he has failed to receive the support of the company and reached a plateau in his career.

Out of the blue, a new intern named Sun Yi Qiu is assigned to his department.