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Thank you Doctor   

  • April 17, 2023

  • 48

  • Mon-Fri (PST) 3:40pm, 8:30pm;(EST) 6:40pm, 11:30pm

  • Yang Mi, Bai Yu


Adapted from online novel “ICU 48 Hours”, this story follows doctors of the newly-established EICU who rely on their medical expertise to save every patient. Overcoming differences, they pour their hearts and soul into preserving life. Returning from abroad, Xiao Yan carries the pains of having lost her fiancé as she arrives at Tongshan Hospital. Despite being gruff and tough on the outside, Xiao Yan is remarkably meticulous on the operating table as she conducts surgeries with machine precision. Once the high and mighty doctor, Bai Zhu adopts a terminal patient and starts to believe in finding hope in the most desperate situations. Through their daily interactions, two people who have their own convictions and preconceived judgments towards one another gradually come to accept each other as they discover many things in common.