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For My Love    Trailer

  • Jan 11 - Mar 5 (Mon - Fri)

  • 38

  • PST 6:30PM, 12:30AM; EST 9:30PM, 3:30AM

  • Jin Dong, Tong Lei, Pan Hong


For My Love is a 38-episode Chinese drama about a small family juggling the relationships between three generations. It's a story filled with warmth and joy, pain and hardship starring Jin Dong (Candle in the Tomb), Tong Lei, Pan Hong (Win the World) and Wang Zhi Xuan.

Jin Dong takes on the role of a loving dad for the first time. He is someone with a savior complex who is always ready to help others and it becomes a source of conflict between him and his headstrong wife played by Tong Lei. The young couple encounter marital problems that ultimate end in a divorce and their daughter Ting Ting also loses her hearing because of an accident.