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「Launched in 2016, Project Boyz Power, organized by Fairchild Television in collaboration with TVB, provides a platform for aspiring individuals from all across Canada to ignite their passion in the entertainment business and manifest their potentials onstage. At the debut, TVB management team members Felix To, Virginia Lok and Sandy Yu especially made a trip to Canada to select talents with an ambition to develop a career in Asia. Some of the success stories include: Jack Wang (Vancouver / 2016), who was offered a contract by Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Limited and officially kick-started his career in the entertainment industry in March, 2017. Jack’s first project is to film “Flying Tiger” with TV and movie stars Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Michael Wong and Hugo Ng; Karl Ting (Toronto / 2016), Freeyon Chung (Toronto / 2016), Christian Yeung (Toronto / 2016), and Jeffrey Leung (Vancouver / 2016) went straight into the Final of Mr. Hong Kong Contest. Amongst the group, Karl Ting and Freeyon Chung captured the titles Mr. Hong Kong 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up respectively, and have subsequently joined TVB.

Entering the entertainment industry through Project Boyz Power, many handsome and charismatic young men can share their insights and experience from overseas with audience in Asia.

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