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Expert Hour 7/23 Promo

TTV | Tuesday | PST 9:25pm | EST 12:25am

【Mandarin Profile】7/21 Promo

Story #1: This young couple has operated a car repair shop for over a decade, cultivating a strong reputation and customer base.

Story #2: This Chinese couple opened a swimming club after finishing their part-time studies abroad.

Story #3: Three young women used their innovative design skills to open a flower shop in Toronto and service everything from weddings to commercial activities.

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【Cityview】7/19 Promo

Story #1: The return of the Toronto Lakeside Festival showcased a different side to sailing.

Story #2: The Brave Festival uncovers the different sides to one’s life that we try and hide from others.

Story #3: Meowfest gave participants a taste of what it’s like to live like a royal feline.

Story #4: The Kensington/Chinatown Treasure Hunt gave participants a chance to explore the city and experience life in Toronto.

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City Chat 7/18 Promo

TTV | Thursday | PST 9:20pm | EST 12:25am

【At The Foot Of Tian Shan】3/3 Promo