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Expert Hour 1/22 Promo

TTV | Tuesday | PST 9:25pm | EST 12:25am

City Chat 1/17 Promo

TTV | Thursday | PST 9:20pm | EST 12:25am

【Mandarin Profile】1/20 Promo

Story #1: These women run the marketing and communications department at a university. Starting from the bottom, they were able to establish departmental prestige within four years.

Story #2: This Vancouver kitchen cabinet company is seizing the market with their design team and popular European-style kitchen cabinets.

Story #3: This newcomer gave up her position at a bank to focus on the operation of her jade shop.

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【Cityview】1/18 Promo

Story #1: The Cham Shan Temple is using lanterns to bring joy, warmth, and hope to everyone during the start of the new year.

Story #2: This jewelry design exhibition allows designers to show patrons their inspiration behind their intricate designs.

Story #3: The Obsessions Ceramic Show is exhibiting simple but timeless pieces, showing patrons the beauty of simplicity.

Story #4: The Manitobah Mukluks Leather Boot Workshop is giving a chance for people to feel and experience the cultural legend of the aboriginals.

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【My Country My Home】1/9 Promo

The triennial World Youth Day, organized by the Catholic Church, will be held in Panama at the end of January. Nowadays, even with the development of science and technology, many parts of the world are still in turmoil. The younger generation full of confusion and frustration on how to stay away from the seduction of secular material, and the influence of extreme ideologies. What is the significance of World Youth Day?

My Country My Home airs on Talentvision Television every Wednesday at 8pm EST.