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【Chatting Platform】4/2 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 8:35pm
The Federal Liberal government’s 2023 budget is geared towards helping Canadians, including “Grocery Rebate”, dental care, and policies to reduce various unfair fees. Do you think the budget can help out Canadians to overcome the hardship of inflation? Have your say online! Have your say online!

【What's On】4/2 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 7:40pm

【Magazine 26】3/31 Promo

FTV 1 | Friday | 9:50pm

【Entertainment Circle】3/31 Promo

Lee Da-hae who famous from the drama《My Girl》 is getting married, Taylor Swift world tour kicks off.

Korean idol blew up that she is blind in her right eye, "Harry Potter" star passed away.

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【Mandarin Profile】3/30 Promo

Finding a satisfactory job in a foreign country seems impossible for new immigrants. Judy from Beijing is determined to change such situation. The headhunting company she founded with her partners is now helping more and more compatriots to create their new careers and life.

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【Timeline Magazine】3/29 Promo

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the university are researching a device called NEUDOSE that analyse the particle composition of radiation that goes into space. The purpose is not only to improve space equipment and keep astronauts away from those harmful particles, but also to reduce the impact of radiation on the earth.

Organized suicide prevention application courses by teaching participants to observe whether people around them have suicidal tendencies, and learn skills to calm the suicidal emotions to reduce the suicide rate.

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【Media Focus】3/27 Promo

The Ontario budget was released, and the provincial government also announced that it will invest funds to help the manufacturers develop innovation, improve competitiveness and create employment opportunities, but the provincial government also pointed out that the budget proposed during the epidemic has large expenditures and deficits that have played a role. Now is the time to take saving measures, which can help the provincial government face the current uncertainty, How much will the Ontario budget help the citizens?

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