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【Chatting Platform】12/3 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 8:35pm
The federal government released its fall economic statement, which made affordable housing an important governance direction. It includes providing loans to new affordable housing developers and implementing more restrictions on short-term rental owners. Can the relevant measures improve the Liberal Party's declining support? Have your say online!

【What's On】12/3 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 7:40pm

【Magazine 26】12/1 Promo

FTV 1 | Friday | 9:50pm

【Mandarin Profile】11/30 Promo

With the bankruptcy of WeWork, the trend of shared offices seems ended. However, as they say, when one door closes, another opens. The market space left behind is nurturing more business opportunities. Chinese entrepreneur Fiona and her team are committed to building the largest shared office platform for the Chinese community.

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【Media Focus】11/27 Promo

The City of Toronto has allocated over 700 million dollars for a winter homeless support program, as well as community housing initiatives and enhanced outreach services. How much assistance do these programs provide to the homeless, and is there a growing trend among the Chinese homeless population? Incidents such as drug abuse, attacks, and injuries or fatalities from car accidents do occur among homeless individuals. Is the government's attention sufficient? What community services are available to help the homeless?

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【Entertainment Circle】11/24Promo

Winners of Country Music Association Awards announced! The worst Korean drama of 2023 is revealed!
Taylor Swift once again emerged as the big winner at the EMA. The income rankings of Japanese anime dads are disclosed!

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【Timeline Magazine】11/22 Promo

The artist Wyland, who has painted whale murals in Toronto, has created over a hundred whale murals worldwide. He has also begun carving a hundred whale sculptures, some of which can only be appreciated by diving into the depths of the sea.

In the hustle and bustle of life, for those who desire to decorate their homes with plants but lack the time to care for them, some people choose to use real moss cut into a wall. This becomes a home decoration where the moss, being dehydrated, requires no maintenance yet possesses a distinctive natural artistic charm.

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【In Search of Tasty Cuisines】6/6 Promo

FTV 1 | Tuesday | 6:10pm, 10:20pm