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【Chatting Platform】2/25 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 8:35pm
According to the latest poll, 46% of British Columbians would back the governing BCNDP if an election were held today, followed by 25% for the BC Conservatives, 17% for BC United and 11% for the BC Greens. Who would you vote for in this provincial election? Have your say online!

【What's On】2/25 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 7:40pm

【Magazine 26】2/23Promo

FTV 1 | Friday | 9:50pm

【Entertainment Circle】2/23 Promo

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【Timeline Magazine】2/21 Promo

According to ophthalmologists, the medical technology for cataract surgery in Canada is advanced, and senior citizens receive government subsidies for regular eye examinations. However, there are still serious cataract patients who delay seeking medical attention, leading to blindness. The reason is that patients are afraid of undergoing cataract surgery and have limited understanding of the procedure. In reality, the quality of the new generation of cataract diagnosis technology, surgical methods, and artificial lenses has significantly improved each year.

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【In Search of Tasty Cuisines II】2/20 Promo

FTV 1 | Tuesday | 6:10pm, 10:20pm
Exquisite cuisines are always irresistible! With countless restaurants to choose from, finding the perfect one can be a challenge. Let the host of the culinary show "In Search of Tasty Cuisines" be your taste-tester, ensuring a worry-free and delightful dining experience from the get-go! Following the immense success of the first season, Fairchild TV is thrilled to present the eagerly awaited second season, continuing to guide you through the culinary wonders of Greater Vancouver!

Join our hosts once again as they venture into different regions of Greater Vancouver, discovering iconic eateries and savoring their signature dishes. Beyond the delectable bites, delve into the stories and passion behind each restaurant, truly experiencing the essence of culinary delight. This season, we are bringing you flavors from Guangdong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, and France. Come along and explore hidden gems in authentic eateries and must-visit spots – because when it comes to good food, you won't want to miss a single bite!

【Media Focus】1/12 Promo

The federal government is tightening international student visas. What changes can be expected in future immigration and refugee policies? Sino-Canadian relations show no comprehensive improvement. How will the country foster broader exchanges? Prime Minister Trudeau, in an exclusive Lunar New Year interview, discusses addressing the rising popularity of the Conservative Party, maintaining collaboration with the New Democratic Party, and preparing for a possible federal election next year.

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【Mandarin Profile】1/4 Promo

In summer, golf is one of the most popular sports in Canada. However, during the long winter, everyone loses the opportunity to showcase their skills. Bruno, Nolan, and their business partners have operated an indoor golf club in the York region, bringing good news to golf enthusiasts.

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