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February 1st to February 28th - Celebrate Lunar New Year
with Free Preview Offered by Service Providers

In celebration of Chinese New Year, service providers will offer free preview of Talentvision , Fairchild TV and FTV2HD to Chinese Canadians from February 1st to February 28th. Viewers across Canada can have free access to abundant Chinese New Year special programs and dramas from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

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CNY Program

Chinese New Year’s Eve February 4th (Monday)

  • Chinese New Year’s Eve

    12:00pm PST; 3:00pm EST

    The Spring Festival Special will bring together different traditional Chinese New Year customs to showcase the profound Chinese culture to viewers from all over the world.

  • Spring Festival 2019

    8:30pm PST; 11:30pm EST
    Re-run: February 5th (Tuesday) 12:00pm PST; 3:00pm EST

    As the largest Spring Festival celebration hosted by CCTV, this magnificent, exquisite and the most prominent variety show features performances from renowned artists, TV and movie stars in China. The fun-filled and festive show is definitely a must-see for the Chinese people worldwide.

February 5th (Tuesday)

  • Jiangsu New Year Concert 2019

    8:30pm PST; 11:30pm EST
    Re-run: February 10th (Sunday) 1:00pm PST; 4:00pm EST

    Featuring sought-after artistes in the greater China region and Asia, this star-studded Chinese New Year Concert organized by Jiangsu TV has gathered together numerous music lovers and followers across China to welcome the Year of Pig.

February 9th (Saturday)

  • Jiangsu Spring Festival Gala 2019

    2:00pm PST; 8:30pm EST
    Re-run: February 18th (Sunday) 5:00pm PST; 11:30pm EST

    The annual Spring Festival Gala, organized by Jiangsu TV, features many notable personalities and is known for creating a nostalgic yet enjoyable environment suitable for audience of all ages.

February 24th (Sunday)

  • Jiangsu Lantern Festival Gala 2019

    8:30pm PST; 11:30pm EST
    Re-run: February 25th (Monday) 12:00pm PST; 3:00pm EST

    This special program features singing, dancing, crosstalk, sketch comedy, Chinese opera, and magic elements, creating a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year atmosphere through remarkable performances and exciting games.

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