A 2-part special Japan Tohoku series will be aired on Sept 22nd and 29th on Talentvision.

The “Magazine 26” production team was invited by the Japan National Tourism Organization recently to visit Japan and to explore the modern and densely populated Tokyo, the art-filled Seto Inland Sea and the bicycle-friendly metropolis, Onomichi City, and experience the local urban development and cultural characteristics. In addition, we will examine our local tourism industry and opinions on increasing Canadian travelling to Japan. For two consecutive Sunday, July 21st and 28th at 10pm, Talentvision’s “Magazine 26” will discuss the linkage in tourism industry between Canada and Japan.

Japan series part 1 - High End Tourism
Due to the increase popularity in self-guided trips, tourist markets are starting to pay more attention towards the luxury tourism. But what is a high end tourism meant by? Recently, Active Tourism has been really popular in Canada. How is that linked to the Japanese tourist market?

Japan series part 2 - Culture and Heritage
For years researchers have tried to find the reasons behind a long and healthy live, and Japan seems to have the answer. In this episode, we will study the Japanese way of lifestyle and diet to determine if those are the only reasons. And if you think learning to speak Japanese is the only way to have a successful career in Japan, look no further to see why that may not be the case