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Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2017 Winners


Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2017 has successfully come to an end. The four winners, including: Champion Jacky Weng, 1st Runner-up Frankie Liu, 2nd Runner-up Benjamin Hsieh, and Isabella Winery Most Charming Award winner Albert Tse, were interviewed by Mary Lo on Leisure Talk. As Mary was the emcee at the Final, she witnessed exactly what happened on and offstage and understands how the contestants felt. During the interview, the boyz revisited their amazing journey throughout the competition, and expressed their happiness of winning an award. Aside from the joyful moments, they even shared some funny little stories behind the scene. To know what the winners’ future plans are, then be sure to stay tuned for their Leisure Talk interview on August 23rd (Wednesday) at 6:15pm.

Lee Tao Hung


Witnessing the ups and downs of the Hong Kong television industry for over a few decades, veteran actor Lee Tao Hung participated in numerous classic dramas and took part in a mid-night talk show “Living Colors”. Always dressed like a gentleman, the charming Lee Tao Hung is known for his character as “Brother Pak Long” in the TV drama “I Have A Date With Spring”, which earned him tremendous popularity. Just last year, Lee Tao Hung announced that he will play a role in the movie “I Have A Date With Spring - Flower Palace” directed by Clifton Ko. Lee Tao Hung especially travelled to Vancouver for a performance in July. During his stay, he guested on Leisure Talk, and shared with viewers stories behind the legendary “Brother Pak Long”.

Erica Chui


With great determination and a lot of hard work, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2011 Erica Chui successfully launched a career in the entertainment industry by joining Cable TV as a program host. During her time there, she gained many onstage experience while improving her eloquence. Erica even enrolled in acting classes to further advance herself. After her contract with Cable TV ended, she began to work towards her dream as an actress. Erica recently took part in the drama “3X1” as a negotiator, and later participated in the much anticipated drama “Heart of Greed 3”. During the interview, Erica expressed her excitement acting in her first ever drama, which turned out to be a memorable experience. Fairchild TV recently invited Erica to host an all new Vancouver food program in July, and also as one of the judges for Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2017 Final. To know more about Erica’s latest updates, be sure to stay tuned for her Leisure Talk interview!

Stephen Gan


Aside from busy running his family business, Stephen Gan, better known as the “Prince of Pak Fah Yeow”, has a strong passion for singing. His recent songs released are about spreading love and peace around the world. Stephen also used his new song release press conference and music concert to raise funds for charities to help refugees survive various crisis and disasters, and rebuild their lives. At the same time, he has created a fundraising website “Songucare”, to encourage everyone to come together and provide assistance to the UNHCR, a refugees support agency, and World Vision. Stephen recently travelled to Vancouver to perform. During his stay, he guested on Leisure Talk, to share with viewers the ups-and-downs throughout his music journey, as well as how he started his life chapter as a dedicated philanthropist.

Jacky Chan


The first Chinese actor in history to receive an honorary Oscar for his decades of work in the film industry, Jackie Chan celebrated with numerous Canadians the country’s 150th birthday in Vancouver on July 1. His incredible singing performance attracted tens of thousands of audience and was undoubtedly the spotlight of the festivity. Although Jackie’s schedule was extremely tight, he still took the time to express his thoughts with “What’s On” viewers. Jackie reminisced the time when he filmed “Rumble in the Bronx” in Vancouver. 24years after, it definitely felt a lot different working in the same place. As one of the legendary comedic martial-artists, Jackie also shared the ups-and-downs of his acting career, as well as words of encouragements for the young martial-artists in the film industry.

Leonard Cheng


Last year’s Project Boyz Power Vancouver brought TVB senior management team members Felix To, Virginia Lok and Sandy Yu to Vancouver with a mission to select a group of aspiring potential individuals to develop a career in Asia. Ex-What’s On host Leonard Cheng was among the lucky individuals who were chosen, and was immediately offered a contract with TVB. He officially launched a career in the Hong Kong entertainment industry as a host in TVB Entertainment News last August. With his extensive host and emcee experience, Leonard was able to perform confidently in front of the camera. Aside from interviewing various international stars, he also flew all the way to Hokkaido to film the travelogue “Fun Abroad”. One year has passed, and this time returning to Fairchild as a guest in Leisure Talk, Leonard expressed how grateful he felt for receiving training from Fairchild TV, at the same time sharing fun stories during his work-trip at Hokkaido.

Betty Mak


Betty Mak, the household name back in the 80’s, participated in nearly 20 dramas within five years of her debut at ATV, which affirmed her position as one of the favorite actresses at that time. Betty recently travelled to North America to perform at a charitable event, but most importantly, to attend her daughter’s university convocation in Seattle. Still strongly passionate, Betty fully immersed herself in the entertainment industry in recent years. During her Leisure Talk interview, Betty took viewers down the memory lane to the busiest filming days when she first started, as well as shared some new projects she has worked on since her comeback. She even told program host May Soo that she will challenge herself with a standby comedy in the near future.

Heiward Mak


One of the most promising young directors in Hong Kong Heiward Mak was invited to Vancouver to introduce her 2007 debut feature film “High Noon” in the“Creative Visions: Hong Kong Cinema 1997-2017” , a celebration for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region. Heiward took a stroll down the memory lane with Mary Lo of Leisure Talk and shared stories of her 10 years in the film-making industry, and how she successfully moved forward from a screenwriter-director to an artist-manager and a boss. During the interview, Heiward expressed how thankful she is to Eric Tsang for giving her the opportunity to take part in the writing of the screenplay for “Men Suddenly in Black 2”, which eventually led to her success today. With this thankfulness at heart, Heiward is keen to nurturing new actors, and at the same time, inspiring young directors with her own success story. “Mad World”, winner of Best New Director Award at the 53rd Golden Horse Award and 36th Hong Kong Film Award, was also produced by Heiward. Nowadays, Heiward’s name is frequently spotted in the special acknowledgement section of many independent films.

Jamie Luk


Notable screenwriter, director, and actor Jamie Luk launched a career in the Hong Kong film industry early. He debuted as an actor, until early 1980s when he began to help out behind the scene. Jamie’s first project was a collaboration with Derek Yee as the co-screenwriter for “Legend of the Owl” directed by David Chiang. Jamie later joined Shaw Brothers Studio, directed and written his first movie “Love With The Perfect Stranger” which brought him considerable fame and recognition as he took home the 5th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Screenplay Award and the top ten Chinese films, while the leading actress Pauline Wong won Best Actress. Jamie recently travelled back to Vancouver for a vacation and to visit his family, and shared with Leisure Talk host Eileen Fong how the film industry has changed throughout the years.

Alex Law & Mabel Cheung


Multi-award winning screenwriter and director duo Alex Law and Mabel Cheung have produced many movies focusing on Hong Kong heritage, capturing numerous local and international awards. In 1988, “An Autumn’s Tale” and “Painted Faces” won Best Screenplay in the Hong Kong Film Awards and Best Original Screenplay in the Golden Horse Award respectively. In 2010, “Echoes of the Rainbow” won Best Screenplay in the Hong Kong Film Awards, and Crystal Bear award in the Berlin Film Festival for best feature film in the Generation category. To mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region, the world-famous Hong Kong screenwriter Alex and director Mabel were invited to join the “Creative Visions: Hong Kong Cinema 1997-2017” in Vancouver. They shared their filmmaking journey and the major changes in Hong Kong cinema, and selected a few of their classic films to show to local audience. During their stay in Vancouver, Alex and Mabel guested on Leisure Talk again to reminisce on the ups-and-downs of the movie industry and their future plans.