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【Urban Life】4/1 Promo

TTV | Saturday | PST 4:55pm & 8:00pm | EST 7:55pm & 11:00pm

【Magazine 26】4/1 Promo

TTV | Saturday | PST 10:10pm | EST 1:10am

【My Country My Home】3/31 Promo

The Ontario budget is released, and the provincial government also announced that it will invest funds to help manufacturers develop innovation and create job opportunities, preparing for the large number of new immigrants. Bank of Canada has also slowed down the pace of interest rate hikes. Will various factors stimulate the Ontario economy and housing market recovery?

My Country My Home airs on Talentvision every Friday at 7:55pm EST/4:55pm PST.

【Mandarin Profile】3/31 Promo

Finding a satisfactory job in a foreign country seems impossible for new immigrants. Judy from Beijing is determined to change such situation. The headhunting company she founded with her partners is now helping more and more compatriots to create their new careers and life.

Make sure you tune to Talentvision Fridays at 8:10pm EST to watch Mandarin Profile.

【Expert Hour】3/21 Promo

TTV | Tuesday | PST 9:25pm | EST 12:25am