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【Leisure Talk】3/18- 3/22/2019 Promo

Produced by the Fairchild Television Canada East Coast division, Leisure Talk aims to inform audiences about hot topics in the community with help from hosts Anita Lee, Chan Ting Pong, Denise Liang, Dennis So, Derek To, Elaine Hui, Jennie Chung, Leo Shiu, River Lee, Oi Yiu Wong and Winnie Shiu.

Leisure Talk airs every Monday to Friday at 6:20pm on Fairchild Television.

【Magazine 26】3/18 Promo

FTV | Monday | 10:00pm

【A Pet's Life】 3/17 Promo

FTV | Sunday 8:10pm

【Chatting Platform】3/17 Promo

FTV | Sunday | 8:35pm
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【What's On】 3/17 Promo

FTV | Sunday | 7:40pm

【Mandarin Profile】3/16 Promo

Story #1: This Vancouver winery is incorporating cheese with liquor to generate new concepts for guests.

Story #2: Master students from the International Business program at the University of Western Ontario are utilizing mock classrooms to teach others about the business industry.

Story #3: This downtown gallery is hoping to utilize art to help expand one's horizons.

Make sure you tune to Fairchild Television Saturdays 6pm EST to watch Mandarin Profile.

【Timeline Magazine】3/11 promo

Story #1: Children with autism are partnered with a professionally trained autism working dog. If the parents realize that the child may run out of control, they can issue a command to the service dog to stop the child and prevent accidents.

Story #2: The catering industry has an on-the-job training center, where students can get practical experience. Whether you have no experience or are new immigrants, you will be able to devote yourself to the catering industry.

Story #3: Some companies are finding that customers prefer to rent or alter dresses rather than purchase. Dress companies are starting to change their business models, and sales are going up.

‘Timeline Magazine’ airs every Wednesday at 10pm EST on Fairchild Television.

【Media Focus】3/8 Promo

Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould recently testified at Justice Committee hearings regarding the SNC-Lavalin case, which triggered a political earthquake. The opposition party is demanding a public investigation be done into the matter, and for the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On Wednesday, former principal secretary to Prime Minister Trudeau appeared in front of a Justice Committee. What did he have to say?

Media Focus airs on Fairchild Television every Friday at 10pm EST.