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【Magazine 26】7/22 Promo

FTV | Monday | 10:00pm

【Leisure Talk】7/22 - 7/26 Promo

【Sunday Sneak Preview】7/21 Promo

FTV | Sunday 8:10pm

【Chatting Platform】7/21 Promo

FTV | Sunday | 8:35pm
A virologist of Chinese ancestry and her husband, along with a few students from China, were expelled from Canada’s only level-4 virology facility in
Winnipeg as experts believe even microbiology work could put our national security at risk. As Canada and China become further at odds after Canada’s
arrest of Huawei CFO MENG Wanzhou, how secure is Canada’s homeland?Have your say online!online.

【What's On】 7/21 Promo

FTV | Sunday | 7:40pm

【Mandarin Profile】7/20 Promo

Story #1: This young couple has operated a car repair shop for over a decade, cultivating a strong reputation and customer base.

Story #2: This Chinese couple opened a swimming club after finishing their part-time studies abroad.

Story #3: Three young women used their innovative design skills to open a flower shop in Toronto and service everything from weddings to commercial activities.

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【Timeline Magazine】7/17 Promo

Story #1: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have exchanged horses with the Queen of England for many years now, as the Queen is fond of how the RCMP trains their horses. The public are allowed to visit the horses at the Royal Mounted Police horse stables in Ottawa. They are able to observe how the horses are cared for and how they are trained.

Story #2: This Moon Museum is a collection of giant lunar art exhibits. The spherical geological features are very realistic. The creative artists are hoping to use this exhibition to encourage scientists to do more research on the moon.

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