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【Chatting Platform】5/19 Promo

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The House Committee of Hong Kong Legislative Council makes preparations for
meetings of the Council and considers matters relating to the business of
the Council. The pro-establishment and pan-democratic camps in the
legislature both recently set up their own version of bills committee on the
Fugitive Offenders (Amendment) Bill and physical altercations broke out in
the chamber among them. So who’s right and who’s wrong and how could the
stalemate be broken?
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【Leisure Talk】3/25- 3/29/2019 Promo

Produced by the Fairchild Television Canada East Coast division, Leisure Talk aims to inform audiences about hot topics in the community with help from hosts Anita Lee, Chan Ting Pong, Denise Liang, Dennis So, Derek To, Elaine Hui, Jennie Chung, Leo Shiu, River Lee, Oi Yiu Wong and Winnie Shiu.

Guests for Mar. 25 – Mar. 29/2019 include:
Mon. – Officer Li, Toronto Police Services Chinese Community Liason Officer
Tues. – Ms. Leung, Volunteer Coordinator
Wed. – Mr. Zhao, Head Chef at St. Germain Bakery
Thurs. – Ms. Hui, Community Service Manager for Music Centre
Fri. – Mr. Li, Community Service Manager

Leisure Talk airs every Monday to Friday at 6:20pm on Fairchild Television.