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【Chatting Platform】1/20 Promo

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Last November, Canadian citizen Robert Lloyd Schellenberg was convicted of drug trafficking in China and sentenced to 15-year imprisonment, a fine of 150,000 Chinese yuan (renminbi), and deportation after the prison term. He contested the sentence but was given the death penalty upon appeal. As Prime Minster Justin Trudeau called the death penalty an “arbitrary” sentence, was Schellenberg’s new sentence based on rule of law or just out of political consideration?Have your say online.

【Media Focus】1/18 Promo

At the end of 2018, Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana hoped that an advertisement they filmed would be able to jumpstart their entry into the Chinese market.

Unexpectedly, this advertisement was accused of ‘racial discrimination’ and that it despised Chinese culture, which triggered a wave of resistance from China citizens. The D&G Fashion Show was forced to cancel, and business in the China branches suffered greatly.

Why is this advertisement causing such an uproar?

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【Mandarin Profile】1/19 Promo

Story #1: These women run the marketing and communications department at a university. Starting from the bottom, they were able to establish departmental prestige within four years.

Story #2: This Vancouver kitchen cabinet company is seizing the market with their design team and popular European-style kitchen cabinets.

Story #3: This newcomer gave up her position at a bank to focus on the operation of her jade shop.

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【Living Plus】1/19 Promo

Produced by Fairchild Television and Herald Monthly, “Living Plus” aims to bring audiences a colorful and unique take on everyday life with hosts Hong-Tao Li, Amy Woo, and Raymond Kwok.

Living Plus airs on Fairchild Television Saturdays at 8:05pm.

【Timeline Magazine】1/16 Promo

Story #1: By incorporating Tai Chi and softball, players can use racquets to move the sand-filled ball in any direction. At the same time, these movements will help loosen muscles and joints but will not be strenuous to the body.

Story #2: Toronto’s Union Station is a national transit hub that extends in all directions. The food court expansion project adds a hint of modern fashion while preserving the classical beauty of Union Station.

Story #3: The concept of “bringing your children to work” is widely welcomed by working mothers.

“Timeline Magazine” airs every Wednesday at 10pm EST on Fairchild Television.