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Our Glamorous Time    Trailer

  • April 5 - June 11, Monday to Friday

  • 50

  • PST 2:00PM, 6:40PM, 10:35PM EST 5:00PM, 9:40PM, 1:35AM

  • Zanilia Zhao, Jin Han, Yu Hao Ming


Li Zhi Cheng is a former soldier who has been ordered to take over his family's business when business was going downhill. He has a fateful meeting with Lin Qian, an independent and capable white-collar who was freshly graduated and meeting difficulties in starting up her own business. Due to Li Zhi Cheng's complete lack of experience in business, nobody in the industry had hopes in this newly appointed CEO of Wen Da. But with the help of Lin Qian's working experience and drive, coupled with Li Zhi Cheng's wits and methods, they bring Wen Da's business to new heights together. ~~ Adapted from the novel "Our Glamorous Times" by Ding Mo.