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Hai Shi Fu Qi   

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  • Ma Su, Guo Tao, Su Yan, Han Qin


Lin Biao was married to his ex-husband Tang Jian. Soon, the son of sugar beans was born. She devoted herself to architectural design. Her husband Tang Jian became a full-time father. Mother-in-law mother Tang is very dissatisfied. Lin Biao’s mother believes that her daughter could have earned more than her daughter-in-law. The couple accompany their mothers to live together. The contradiction and arguing in which the jelly bean enters the age of two. An accident caused by Lin Hao's mother's dusk love and his mother-in-law dispute that caused the Tang mother to fall in hospital. Tang Jian separated from his wife and asked Reworked until she filed a divorce to Lin Biao; that was after her daughter was born, she was busy with losing weight until she found out that her daughter had signs of autism. Her husband blamed her for her unpredictable fitness during pregnancy. She repented and sold a yoga studio that had been in business for many years. She had done a full-time wife treatment for her daughter; Xiao Man had just started living on his own but was eager to get back two that were quietly taken away by her ex-husband. When his son encountered false lawyers, he even made Lin Xi’s career risk catastrophe. She married her friend and took her daughter’s life to work as a hospital nurse. She accidentally found her son with the help of her friends and family members. The last three have all lived through the crisis in life and realized the true meaning of marriage.