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The Story of Xing Fu    Trailer

  • November 8 - January 2, Monday to Friday

  • 40

  • PST: 3:40pm, 8:30pm; EST: 6:40pm, 11:30pm

  • Zhao Li Ying, Liu Wei, Liu Wei


With a name that means “happiness”, one might suspect that He Xing Fu’s life would be full of nothing but joy. Unfortunately, as is the case for so many of us, Xing Fu’s life was filled with several ups and downs that brought as many moments of sorrow as they did joy. Even at her wedding, which should have been one of the happiest days of her life, Xing Fu was forced to deal with a fair amount of mortification after her sister, He Xing Yun suffered an unexpected assault by the village chief’s son, Wan Chuan Jia and his group of friends for which he was injured which won Xing Fu no favors with the village chief, Wan Shang Tang.

Despite the unexpected mayhem at her wedding, Xing Fu settled happily into her new life with her husband, Wang Qing Lai. Sadly, the village chief and his son were not happy with Xing Fu's stubbornness about what was right and what wasn't; after all, the village ways had always worked and reality favored the rich and important, so they continued to butt heads both legally and literally. Ultimately forced into the city to find work due to this never ending barrage of bad luck, Xing Fu does the best she can but the struggles of city life challenge her in ways she never expected. Determined not to fail and make something of herself, she forges onward from a mere cleaner to a legal professional.

Returning to her village, Xing Fu is determined to do whatever it takes with her newfound knowledge to create the life she dreams of, not just for herself but for her entire village. Will the struggles she faces ultimately lead her to the happiness her name seems to have destined her for?