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Mr. Right   

  • Dec 19 - Feb 20 (Monday - Friday)

  • 45

  • PT 11:00AM, 12:30AM; ET 2:00PM, 3:30AM

  • Jing Dong, Jiang Si Yin


The story follows three men as they find their significant other. Cheng Hao is a successful Beijing dentist, who on his free time likes to give advice on how to pursue women. He hasn’t been in love before. During a business trip in Antwerp, he clashes with Luo Yue, who is wary of men and relationships. Back in Beijing, the two individuals continue to war — and gradually becomes close. Meanwhile, Cheng Hao's business partner Zhang Mingyang seeks his advice on how to pursue a girl, and she turns out to be none other than Gu Yao, Cheng Hao's university crush. His friend, Zou Beiye also seeks Cheng Hao's advice on how to pursue Qiao Yilin, a supermodel.