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Legend Of Fei   

  • April 14, 2023

  • 51

  • Mon-Fri (PST) 2:00pm, 6:40pm, 10:35pm;(EST) 5:00pm, 9:40pm, 1:35am

  • Zhao Liying, Wang Yib, Hu Bing, Che Xiao as Li Jinrong, Zong Fengyan, Chen Ruoxuan, Zhou Jieqiong, Wang Chunyuan, Yuan Yizi


There was chaos in the realm of Jianghu. A famous swordsman named Li Zheng (Hu Bing) established the 48 Strongholds to fight against the evils and protect the commons, but after his death, the popular Jianghu sects lost prominence. Li Zheng's daughter Li Jinrong (Che Xiao) took over the sects and married Zhou Yitang (Zong Fengyan). Their daughter, Zhou Fei (Zhao Liying) grew up in a safe but isolated home. Sick of being confined to the place of her birth, Zhou Fei longed to escape and made repeated efforts to get away. But her life took a great turn when she almost drowned while saving her cousin and was only saved by a free-spirited young martial arts master named Xie Yun (Wang Yibo). Their special relationship started from then. They decided to hone their fighting skills together when meeting again after Zhou Fei gained permission to descend the mountains and go on a mission. While fighting against Disha Manor and other evil forces, the relationship between Zhou Fei and Xie Yun started to develop. With new martial arts masters met along the way, they began to unearth secrets, including that of Xie Yun’s true identity and the treasure that had been hidden for several years by the previous dynasty.