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Who Killed the Good Man?    Trailer

  • June 20-27, Monday to Friday

  • 6

  • PST:3:40pm, 8:30pm EST:6:40pm, 11:30pm

  • Austin Lin, Patty Lee, Bryan Chang, Esther Huang, Edward Chen, Lily Pan


Yang Da Qi is on a quest to find investors to realize his dream of having his own coffee maker business. He also has a live-stream about financial management. As a YouTuber, he puts forth a bright façade. Zhou Yong Qing works as a manager in the creditor’s rights branch at a bank. She is devoted to her work and often works overtime. She also has a side job as a food delivery worker on holidays. In order to buy a house for her mom, she devotes every moment to work, giving up any chance at leisure or relaxation. Ah Liang is very kind-hearted. He struggled to make a living for years but finally started his own business, as well as got married and had children. It seems like his life is going smoothly, until he makes the sudden decision to end his own life, leaving his family and friends perplexed. Da Qi, Yong Qing, and Ah Liang were good friends in high school. They agreed to achieve their own goals once they grew up, but they never expected their next meeting to be at Ah Liang’s funeral.