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Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon    Trailer

  • May 7 - July 5

  • 44

  • PST 2PM, 6:30PM, 10:35PM; EST: 5PM, 9:30PM, 1:35AM

  • Wu Xiubo, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Janine Chang


The second part covers Sima Yi's career in the Cao Wei state during the Three Kingdoms period and his service under the emperors Cao Pi, Cao Rui and Cao Fang. He leads Cao Wei forces into battles against its rival states, Shu Han and Eastern Wu, and rises through the ranks to become one of the most powerful figures in Cao Wei and ultimately a regent for the third Cao Wei emperor, Cao Fang. In his final years, Sima Yi successfully stages a coup d'état against his co-regent Cao Shuang and effectively becomes the de facto ruler of the Cao Wei state. About 15 years after Sima Yi's death, his grandson Sima Yan would eventually usurp the Cao Wei throne and replace it with the Jin dynasty (265–420).