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Nothing But Thirty    Trailer

  • July 14 - September 12, Monday to Friday

  • 43

  • PST: 2:00pm, 6:40pm, 10:35pm EST: 5:00pm, 9:40pm, 1:35am

  • Jiang Shuying, Tong Yao, Mao Xiaotong


Gu Jia is strong willed, and is both a housewife and a businesswoman. She helped her husband become the CEO of a fireworks company, and fought rich housewives who bullied her son. Wang Manni is rebellious, and is confident at both her workplace and at home. Zhong Xiaoqin is content with her average life, with a normal job and a husband who likes fish.
However, their lives are suddenly disrupted by external factors. Gu Jia begins to suspect her husband Xu Huanshan of having a young mistress, Wang Manni faces difficulties with sales and relationships, and Zhong Xiaoqin's idea of a perfect marriage is destroyed. How will the three women deal with the challenges of turning thirty?
Additionally a couple with a son close in age to Gu Jia's son Ziyan, who operate a food truck appear as silent characters. They occasionally interact with the main character and consistently appear at the end of the show before the closing credits.