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Love Actually   

  • Jan 3 - Mar 6 (Mon-Fri)

  • 43

  • PST 4:00PM, 10:35PM EST 7:00PM, 1:35AM

  • Joe Chen, Tong Da Wei, Wanh Yi Bo


Ding Ren Jian is a married man with a child. He suddenly loses his job and starts working for Di Zhi Wei who is a young IT genius.
Di Zhi Wei is interested in An Qing Huan, an older woman who works for his father restaurant chain. When Ding Ren Jian and An Qing Huan first meet they start fighting but rapidly develop a strong friendship. When Ding Ren Jian loses hiswife and his life crumbles An Qing Huan supports him and their relationship grows stronger.