COVID-19 Special Features

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COVID-19 Relief
The rising numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Canada are extremely concerning to the public. Countless healthcare professionals are fighting this war and providing patients with the best possible care. Many local medical institutions have established emergency relief funding programs to help frontline healthcare workers acquire protective gear and purchase ventilators in hopes to relief pain and save the lives of those who are infected. Other than donations, organizations are pleading with everyone to stay at home and practice social or physical distancing in order to flatten the curve of infection rate while alleviating the burden from our local medical specialists. Please click here for the details of the Emergency Relief Fund.

COVID-19 Counselling Support Hotlines
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about emotional distress, panic and worries to the vast majority of Canadians. Apart from tackling the drastic impact on our daily lives, some people are facing unemployment and significant financial burden. These negative emotions not only affect their mental health but also the relationships with their loved ones. In light of this, many local institutions have launched hotlines to provide relevant counselling services to those in need and help them fight through this hard time, please click here for the details: National & Canada West or Canada East.

Stay-at-Home Tips
For the past two weeks, many people have resorted to practicing social distancing by staying put at home. During this period of isolation, people have taken on new hobbies, many turning into cooking experts, gym fanatics, dancing queens, singing prodigies and internet sensations. Why not show off your newly mastered skills to help others to release stress? Upload your creative ideas to now! These novel tips will be viewed and marvelled by audience of What's On and Asian Magazine across Canada and internet surfers worldwide. A happy mind creates a healthy soul. Come share comradeship and inject positivity to the community!

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