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Talentvision is a culturally diverse channel. Its history begins in 1993 when Fairchild Media Group started broadcasting in Greater Vancouver, providing Chinese immigrants with programming in their mother tongue. On June 1st 1998, Talentvision changed its policy to use Mandarin as its main broadcasting language, and in 2001, expanded its signals from BC’s Greater Vancouver region to cities Canada wide. Today, through cable and satellite broadcasting, Talentvision provides television programming to viewers all across Canada. Of programs broadcasted 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Talentvision reserve 21 hours of broadcast time for Mandarin language programming, and a total of 3 hours for Vietnamese and Korean language programming.

Talentvision brings full coverage of news and entertainment to every Chinese Canadian household and works hard to act as a bridge for communication and understanding between the Chinese society and other cultures.

Talentvision’s business philosophy is to provide every Chinese audience with top quality audio-visual services as well as open up a new aspect of overseas Chinese broadcasting. At the same time, Talentvision also aims at reaching into all levels of Chinese society, bravely moving forward one steady step at a time. Talentvision’s programming choices are made according to the viewing habits and preferences of its audiences, selecting the most popular programs for China and Taiwan to bring to local Chinese viewers, providing a wonderful viewing experience from morning to night.

Talentvision covers programming in a variety of genres including news, informational programming, entertainment, and dramas. In addition Talentvision caters to the tastes of all viewers from housewives to children and the elderly, arranging programming that is suitable for everyone. Aside from purchasing programs from China and Taiwan, Talentvision also produces local programming geared towards the needs of immigrants living in Canada. Topics include finance, lifestyle, leisure, health and fitness, currents events and more.