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Men in Warship    Trailer

  • Aug 28 - Oct 30 (Monday to Friday)

  • 46

  • PT 11:10AM, 6:30PM, 12:30AM ET 2:10PM, 9:30PM, 3:30AM

  • Xu Jia, Li Nei Wen, Zhao Chung Yang


At the end of the 19th century, the Qing government formed a strongest steam power armored fleet in Asia - the Northern Navy. The Beiyang Navy was deeply disturbed by two friendly visits to neighboring Japan under the leadership of Ding Tuchang, who was the main force of "Dingyuan" and "Zhenyuan". The Japanese Navy's joint fleet has developed a series of strategic plans to overcome the Northern Navy.

In 1892, the Northern Navy's second visit to Japan, the whole country are rejoicing to celebrate the triumph of the fleet returned, as the Navy Admiral Ding Ruchang was smug, he knew the neighboring Japanese navy is a high-profile purchase Warships, with the Northern Navy for the imaginary enemy of the war prepared, and the court of Emperor Guangxu obey the military minister Weng Tonghe's memorial to prohibit the North Navy from outside the purchase of ammunition arms, so that the need for weapons updates, equipment maintenance The Northern Fleet was cut off the "forage", and the Japanese navy's big flames formed a strong contrast. And Ding Ruchang many times complained about the pros and cons but were not accepted, he felt the crisis in the step by step approaching.