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The Perfect Match    Trailer

  • Nov. 15 ~ Jan. 2 (Monday to Friday)

  • 35

  • PST 4:00PM, 10:35PM EST 7:00PM, 1:35AM

  • Ivy Shiao, Chris Wu


Wei Fen Qing (Ivy Shao) is a food vendor at a night market. Intelligent and a little delusional, she is an immensely talented chef in her own right. The netizens claim that Wei Fen Qing’s food is the best in the city. And that it’s better than Huo Ting Eng’s cuisine.

Huo Ting En can’t stand it. How can a simple food vendor in a street market beat his world-renowned cuisine? He shows up to the night market to find Wei Fen Qing and challenge her to a cook-off. Basically, she has to work in his restaurant as his apprentice for seven days, learn his most famous dish and make it better than the master himself.

But as Huo Ting En and Wei Fen Qing work together, the heat in the kitchen starts melting the ice of their rivalry. Can they figure out that their hearts, just like their cuisine, might actually be the perfect match?