Chasing Star

Joel Chan


Joel first debuted as a singer in the 90’s and later signed a contract with TVB to chase his artistic dream. After years of assuming minor roles in dramas with limited recognition, he was gradually landing on more important parts. His performance in the critically acclaimed drama The Unholy Alliance earned him My Favorite TVB Supporting Actor at 2017 TVB Star Awards Malaysia. The Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Special Guest Performer sat down with William Ho to share his joy on winning the acting accolade and his impression on this first visit to Vancouver. Known for his passion for running, Joel revealed that he will run to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Canada.

Monica Dong


Experienced radio host Monica Dong was a former member of the legendary radio group “6 Pair and a Half” formed by 13 young popular DJs in the early 1980s. Monica earned major commercial success with her song “Cold Rain” in the group’s self-titled album. After emigrating to overseas, she was still active in hosting radio programs until 2013. During Monica’s interview on Leisure Talk, she reminisced on her days as a radio host. As a dog lover, Monica also shared the happy moments and challenges she confronts when helping animals-saving organizations.

Tam Sik Hay


For over 30 years in the music industry,Tam Sik Hay has been a backing vocalist of many well-known Chinese singers including Paula Tsui, Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung, and Anita Mui. At the same time, he has also participated in music composition and arrangement. In 2006, Tam finally had a chance to grace the stage with his magnificent voice as a solo artiste at his first concert in Canada. Tam recently returned to Vancouver for a singing performance and sat down with William Ho to share some amusing stories throughout his career as a backing vocalist on Leisure Talk.

Champions of the Explore China, Japan, & Korea Singing Contest


The three champions of the Explore China, Japan, & Korea Singing Contest, William Wah, Saiko Ikejo, and Ann Rhi, recently guested on Leiusre Talk to share their thills on winning the contest and some behind-the-scene stories with William Ho. During the interview, the three winners also expressed their excitement of performing with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra and revealed their travel plans. In addition, they took a moment to thank all the support from their families and friends through an impromptu rendition of a few popular Chinese and English numbers.

Alice Lau


A long running popular variety show in Hong Kong, Enjoy Yourself Tonight broadcasted for 27 years before the last episode was aired in late 1994. Once a regular member of the show and the first Hong Kong female celebrity to star in a Hollywood movie, Uncommon Valor, paired with the legendary Gene Hackman, Alice Lau recently visited Vancouver for a vacation a and sat down with William Ho to share her journey of becoming a Hollywood starlet and reminisce on her days at the Enjoy Yourself Tonight family.

Special Guests of VIFF


Presented by Fairchild Media Group, Dragons & Tigers Series of the Gateway Stream at the 36th Vancouver International Film Festival took the “cinefiles” on a journey into the compelling cinematic worlds envisioned by some of East Asia's most adventurous artistes.

I’ve Got the Blue, one of the most fascinating documentaries to come out of Hong Kong in many years, presented human complexity through interaction between Angie Chen, the director, and Wong Yan-kwai, a painter. The passionate film director guested on Leisure Talk and revealed the reasons why egocentric artists are featured as a way to explore human nature.

Right after the nomination list of the 54th Golden Horse Award had been announced, some visiting guests of the Festival who were also on the list were invited to chat with TTV program host Carmen. Among them were Zhang Aoyue, who is nominated for Best New Performer for his role in The Hidden Sword, Guan Dandan, the producer of The Hidden Sword, and Huang Hsin-Yao, who earns 2 nominations for his black comedy The Great Buddha. They were very excited and expressed great honour to be among the nominees of one of the most prestigious film awards in the world of Chinese language cinema.

Sharon Lam


A veteran assistant director, Sharon Lam participated in the filming of classic movies Rumble in the Bronx, The Warlords, The Forbidden Kingdom, and many more. Despite her achievements in the film industry, Sharon decided to return to school to study Creative Media and begin her path as an independent movie director. Her graduate project, Acid, based on the 2011 Mongkok Acid Attack, was awarded Special Prize at the Hong Kong International Film Festival 2012. In her recent Leisure Talk interview, Sharon flashed back on how she stepped away from commercial film and entered the independent film industry.

Jack Wang


After signing Shaw Brothers Pictures International Limited in early 2017, Project Boyz Power Vancouver 2016 Champion, Jack Wang debuted as an actor in his first online drama, Flying Tiger. Filming under the burning sun for 4 months, Jack now looks stronger and more muscular than before. He recently returned to Vancouver to start preparing for law school entrance exam, hoping to obtain the best grade to apply for world-famous schools. The handsome gentleman guested on Leisure Talk to share interesting behind-the-scenes stories with host Mary Lo and revealed that he was thrilled to work with Eddie Cheung and Bosco Wong.

Linda Chung & Gloria Tang


Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003 Linda Chung and 2012 Gloria Tang have made incredible achievements through winning the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and Miss Chinese International Pageant, ultimately becoming notable TVB artistes. Both returned to Fairchild recently as special guests at the TVBAnywhere Mobile Apps launch party and sat down for an interview with William Ho. Linda expressed her excitement filming the TVB 50th Anniversary drama “At the Threshold of a New Era” and collaborating with Frankie Lam again 11 years later. On the other hand, Gloria shared how she injured her back while filming the online drama “The Exorcist's Meter”, which left her with no alternative but to forfeit her participation at another TVB Anniversary drama “My Ages Apart”. However, this misfortune may have been a blessing in disguise, as she was casted for a role in “At the Threshold of a New Era”, and given the opportunity to work with one of her favorite Miss Chinese Vancouver idols Linda.

Frankie Lam


Returning to TVB years later to film “My Unfair Lady”, Frankie Lam received great appreciation for his role in the drama. With an increase in popularity again, Frankie is collaborating with the producer of “My Unfair Lady” to film the TVB 50th Anniversary drama “At the Threshold of a New Era”. Recently, the crew was on location in Vancouver. What’s On made a trip to visit the crew, and had a chance to interview Frankie who reminisced about filming with Linda Chung 11 years ago. Be sure to stay tuned for his interview, as well as the “At the Threshold of a New Era” filming behind-the-scenes.